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Uninstalling CSM guide

TeamConnect provides a tool that lets you delete your current CSM design. This is useful if you need to delete an older version of CSM before installing a newer one.

Note: This section assumes that you installed and configured the tool that deletes/restores CSM. For more information, see Creating Custom Tools.

When you use this tool, the following CSM items are deleted:

  • CSM settings
  • Vendors
  • Timekeepers
  • CSM object definitions

Non-CSM records, such as Contacts and Invoices, are not deleted if they were created by CSM.

Additionally, all versions of CSM that are listed on the About/Version tab are removed and a new entry appears that shows that the delete tool was used to delete the last CSM design.

NoteWhile the tool is running, all rules are automatically disabled, and automatically enabled when the uninstall is complete. It is recommended that you perform this task during off-peak hours.

You can also use this tool to restore CSM default data. See Restoring CSM Default Data for more information.

How Uninstalling CSM Affects your Client Account in Collaborati 

When you open the tool, if an active connection exists between CSM and Collaborati, a warning message appears to inform you of the following:

  • Uninstalling CSM permanently disables the client account in Collaborati.
  • After the uninstall, you must request a new client account if you wish to reinstall CSM.

Terminating the corresponding Collaborati client account prevents users from reusing the same client account on Collaborati to synchronize with a different CSM design.

Important: Before you uninstall CSM, you must turn off synchronization between CSM and Collaborati. See Starting or Stopping CSM Synchronization with Collaborati for more information.

To uninstall CSM

  1. In the TeamConnect Designer, click Tools, and then select the CSM delete/restore tool. The tool's main screen opens.
    If the tool detects an active connection between CSM and Collaborati, a warning message appears. This is an informational message and will not prevent the uninstall of CSM.
  2. To continue, click Uninstall CSM Design. A confirmation message opens.
  3. Click OK to begin uninstalling CSM.
    When the uninstall is complete, a confirmation message appears.
  4. Click OK to close the message.
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