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Office Suite 3.1.0

This page details the update features and resolved issues that are included in the Office Suite version 3.1.0.


Office 3.1.0 Release Notes

Important Note: Office Suite 3.1 does not support Office/Outlook 2013. As of now, there is no plan on supporting this version.



Office Suite 3.1 includes a number of performance improvements and feature enhancements. The feature enhancements you see will depend on your version of TeamConnect. 

TeamConnect 6.1

The following enhancements are only supported for clients using TeamConnect 6.1 + Office Suite 3.1:

Enhancement: Clicking the 'Create Matter' button in the add-in ribbon bar opens a window displaying the configurations available to users.
Tracking code: TC-22756

Additional Information: If there are no configurations available to the users, the 'create matter' buttons will not display. Please click here for the Create Matter guide. 


Enhancement: When creating a new version of a Document, the version number now increases by 1 instead of 2.
Tracking code: TC-20388


TeamConnect 6.0, 6.0.2, and TeamConnect Essentials 6.1

The following enhancements are supported for clients using TeamConnect 6.0, 6.0.2, or Essentials 6.1 + Office Suite 3.1:

Enhancement: The "View in TeamConnect" option is now available in Office and Outlook.
Tracking code: TC-20059
Additional Information: When selecting this feature, it will launch the TeamConnect instance it is linked to.


Enhancement: The Outlook add-in functionality now shows on New Email windows as well as the main Outlook window.
Tracking code: TC-19804
Additional Information: Prior to this update, it was only shown on the main Outlook window.


Enhancement: Upload and Download progress indicator is now more clear.
Tracking code: TC-19807, TC-20057


Enhancement: Matter list in Office does not collapse when you open or check out a document.
Tracking code: TC-19806

Known Issues

The following item(s) are known issues in TeamConnect Office Suite 3.1:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code, if available
  • Case number, if available

Issue: Cleanup functionality not support for 3.1.

Tracking Code: TC-23489


Issue: Outlook crashes after removing all configurations and then clicking on Matter Creation window followed by clicking on the left or right scroll arrows.

Tracking Code: TC-24002


Issue: Microsoft Teams plugin is incompatible with the TeamConnect Office add-in and will cause users not to be able to log in.

Tracking Code: TC-24144


Issue: Losing user's token during a session currently causes an exception for Office 365 Pro Plus.

Tracking Code: TC-25551


Issue: Uploading multiple emails with the same name currently causes version numbers to append to the beginning of the name. 

Tracking Code: TC-25754


Issue: Checking out a file with the same path as an existing document causes the add-in to disappear

Tracking Code: TC-25391


Follow the link for the Matter Creation guide for Office Suite 3.1.

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