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Accessing and Enabling LEDES File Archiving

CSM 4.0 Update 3+ provides the ability to access and retain original LEDES files submitted by vendors.

These files are unable to be edited by either the client or the vendor, and thus meet compliance regulations regarding the non-repudiation of LEDES invoices.

Setting Up LEDES Retention

  1. Contact Mitratech Support ( to set up LEDES retention.

Note: Vendors are not able to change this function.

  1. Once enabled on the vendor side, navigate to the Settings of the CSM tab in TeamConnect.
  2. Select the check-box at the bottom of the General tab labeled Archive LEDES Documents.
  3. Save your settings to complete setup.

Viewing LEDES Records

After a successful upload and sync of a LEDES file, TeamConnect will automatically create a folder for that vendor in the Documents section of your instance. This folder will be exclusively for that vendor and will include all LEDES files before and after retention is enabled.

Note: Attachments to the LEDES file will not be retained in this folder.

Users are able to locate invoices within the folder by the Date Modified tab, which serves to display the upload time and date of the invoice. Any invoices uploaded with the same file name will automatically append -1, -2, -3, etc. to the end of the name to preserve unique names for all invoices. If users attempt to add an item manually in the LEDES document category, or change an existing item to that category, they will generate an error stating "This file cannot be categorized as a LEDES Document, only files directly sent from Collaborati may choose this category. Please choose another category."

Note: Users are not able to manually upload files to the LEDES archive or change the category of uploaded files to "LEDES Documents."

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