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Editing CSM Settings

You can make changes to CSM Settings if the synchronization status is Stopped.

To edit CSM settings

  1. From CSM Settings, make sure that the Connection page is selected, and then click Edit.

Note: Based on the current status of the CSM-Collaborati synchronization, a warning message may appear to remind you that must wait until synchronization is stopped before you can edit CSM Settings. Click the Stop synchronization now link on the warning message to stop synchronization. While synchronization is stopping, all fields are unavailable to edit. When synchronization is stopped, all fields become available and you can continue.

  1. Make the appropriate changes.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click the Start button on the Connection page.

Note: This is necessary because otherwise the system will attempt to update the records simultaneously with your updates, which can cause the record locking exception for your updates.

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