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Sharing Matter Notes with Vendors

If there is a business need in your organization share to information about E-Billing matters with Collaborati vendors, you can map a custom field to the Client Notes field in Collaborati. Matter notes can be any type of information, such as matter-specific billing instructions or a billing address that you want to share with a vendor.

During matter synchronization, the mapped client note information is synchronized to Collaborati and is visible to Vendors in the Client Notes field for a matter. If notes are updated, the updated information is sent to Collaborati during the next synchronization.

To share notes with vendors

  1. From CSM Settings, click the Information Sharing link from the left pane.
  2. Select the Share matter notes field with vendors check box.

    Matter Notes Settings Block
  3. Specify the data you want to share by selecting the corresponding Share check box.
  4. From the Custom Field Name drop-down list, select the name of the field used to store this information in your system. This drop-down list displays only custom fields of type Text or Memo that are under the selected E-billing matter.
    Currently, only ClientNotes is supported.
  5. Click a save option.
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