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Web Browsers

To provide access to TeamConnect via your organization's URL (for example, http://, set up the appropriate plug-in for your company's web server to proxy (redirect) the HTTP requests to the application server.

You must specify the proxy URL (/ TeamConnect in this example) and the hostname and port used by your application server.

Each web server will have a different procedure and syntax for configuring the plug-in. Refer to your web server's documentation for details.

The TeamConnect 6.x application platform supports, and is certified for use with, the following web browsers:

Safari (current, Mac only)
Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Firefox (current)

Chrome (current)

TeamConnect is best viewed with a browser width minimum of 1366 x 768px.

Note: Safari has an issue when running on 32-bit Mac 10.6.4. Other Mac operating systems, including 64-bit Mac OS, do not have this issue.

Important: The browser options must be set to their default settings. TeamConnect is not certified for use with non-default browser settings.

It is recommended that client workstations do not use JavaScript debugging when accessing TeamConnect or other Mitratech applications.

Using the Share URL Feature with a Browser

For Internet Explorer only, you can configure your browser to use the existing TeamConnect session when you click on a Share URL that you obtain from an email or other source. Clicking on the URL link will position your current TeamConnect session to the record referenced by the Share URL. To enable this capability, you must configure IE as follows: Go to menu item Tools -> Internet Options-> Advanced. Check the Reuse windows for launching shortcuts checkbox. Save.

Other web browsers do not support the ability to reuse existing TeamConnect sessions. Clicking on a Share URL will open a second TeamConnect session and invalidate the existing session.

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