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How To Perform a Custom Search

Users can create ad hoc searches to locate information within an object by defining search filters and the results display
  • A Custom Search can be performed from the list pages for most objects. 
  • Custom Searches can be saved for future use.
From a List Page click on Custom Search on the sidebar. 
Add or rearrange fields using the Action Buttons on the right-hand side of the screen.  Add additional fields using the Add Criteria Button.  Select the desired criteria and click Search.
Searches can be saved by clicking on the Save Search button on the list page and the saved search will be shown on the sidebar.

MSSQL Full Text Search does not support for "single character ends with punctuation"(Ex: "E." or "N!"). SQL Full Text Search word breaker will ignore the punctuation and single letters are, by default, noise words, and therefore won't be included in the index.