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How To Add Portal Panes to a Home Page

Home Pages in TeamConnect can be configured to include reports. These tips will help you personalize the home pages so that they contain a report(s) relevant to a specific user or group of users.


Home pages are comprised of various Portal Panes that contain specific functions like links to my matters, pending invoices, hyperlinks for research, and my tasks, etc. A single Portal Pane can be used on multiple Home Pages.  This example shows the Home Page for an Attorney and contains Portal Pages for a Budgets v. Actuals by Transactions Report, My Pending Approvals and Projects Pending Assignment.   

Capture 1.png

To add a report to a Portal Pane, open Setup and Go To Portal Panes.  Select the Portal Pane or create a new Portal Pane.  The Content Type will be Custom Content, add the Label, Unique Key, Class Name (this is where the report is located in the application), order and Alignment. 


Save the record and then edit the Parameters.  This is where you will select the report from the list of available reports.  Save the changes and Synchronize the Settings and Content. 

Capture 2.png

Capture 3.png

To add the Portal Pane to a Home Page, open Setup and Go To Home Pages.  Select the Home Page and click on the Contents Tab.  Select the Portal Pane from the dropdown list.  Portal Panes can be rearranged on the Home Page using the directional arrows in the upper right hand corner of the Portal Pane.  Save the changes and Synchronize the Settings and Content. 

Capture 4.png

Log out of TeamConnect and then back in to see the changes. 



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