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Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes additional information about application features, such as tips or helpful facts.

Managing Records

Q: How do I close a record?

From an open record, click the Cancel button. If the record is in edit-mode, the record will be closed without saving any changes. If the record is in read-only mode, you can click a Back to records link instead (for example, from an expense record, you could click the Back to Expenses link at the upper right area of the record to close the record and return to the Expense list page).

Q: I copied a record but, in the new record, some of the old record's values were replaced by blanks.

If any record's field displays SECURED as the value then, if you create a copy of that record, the new record will not contain a value for that field.

Q: I'm trying to delete a record. I have it open on the Edit page, but I don't see a Delete button.

The delete button appears when you open a record - not in Edit mode. To delete a record, click its link in a list view. The delete button appears in the toolbar.

Q: I edited a record, then saved it, but it still appears in my Unsaved Items list.

There are four options associated with the Save button: Save and Close, Save and Preview, Save and New, and Save. The first three options will remove the record from the Unsaved Items list, but the basic "Save" option will save the record yet still leave it open for further editing. Thus the record is still considered an Unsaved Item in this case.

Q: I'm entering a negative amount in a numeric field, and I'm getting an error.

In read-only mode, negative numbers are displayed in parentheses. In edit mode, negative numbers are preceded by a minus sign. You should use the minus sign, not the parentheses, when editing a negative number.

Q: I'm clicking on the Contact search icon, and I'm getting an error.

If the error is related to some other field on your edit page, you will need to fix the error first. The Contact search tries to jump to a new page, but you are not allowed to navigate away from an edit page that has an error, except by clicking the Cancel button to cancel your edits.

Q: The required fields on my web browser page look different than the optional fields.

It's possible that you see a different appearance for some fields on a page because you have a browser add-in (for example, Google Toolbar) that changes screen appearance. TeamConnect itself does not use different visual styles for required fields.

Q: I'm clicking on a column header, but my list isn't re-sorting.

In most parts of the TeamConnect user interface, when you see a tabular list of results, you can sort that list by clicking on any column header. However, in a few places the tabular list is pre- sorted and cannot be altered by clicking on column headers. Such places include the workflow displays (Active Requests, Completed Requests, etc.) for various record types.

Q: How do I save a record?

Once you finish creating or editing a record, you can click the Save button to save the record. You must be in edit mode to access the Save button.

Save—Saves the record and you remain in your current mode.

Save and Close—Saves the record and returns you to the list view.

Save and View—Saves the records and returns you to view mode.

Save and New—Saves the current record and opens a new blank record of the same type.

Q: I entered Custom Search, then requested a search view that had auto-search turned on. However, nothing happened until I manually clicked the Search button.

The auto-search feature only applies to search views that are designated as collections. When you click on links in the left pane that represent collections, auto-search is used, but it is never used in the Custom Search page.

Q: I only worked on two records today, but the Recently Viewed collection is showing me many more.

Recently Viewed presents up to 25 records, in reverse chronological sequence, covering the most recent 90 days, so records from previous days may also appear.

Q: There are no records in my Recently Viewed list, and I don't see the "Try another search" link.

"Try another search" only appears when Custom Search finds no records. If you are working with a record for the very first time, the Recently Viewed collection is empty until you actually view or edit one or more records.

Contacts/Address Books

Q: When I click the plus sign (+) in the Address Information block to add an additional address, the original address is automatically assigned the Primary status. When I click the plus sign to add an additional phone or fax number or Email or web address, the original information is not automatically selected as the default.

If you add an additional phone or fax number, Email or web address, you must manually select the primary information.

Q: I added a contact to an address book and decided to cancel the operation. The contact is still added to the address book.

Once you add a contact to an address book, you can remove it manually by opening the address book and deleting the contact.

Q: I subscribed to several address books and only some of them now appear in the collections pane. Where are the rest of them?

When you subscribe to address books, you can only select and subscribe to the address books that appear in the list that you are currently viewing.

For example, if you have four pages of address books from which to choose, and you want to subscribe to address books on pages one and three, select the address books that you want on the first page, and then click Subscribe. Next, go to page three and repeat the process.

Tip: To see a larger number of address books per page, select a larger number in the

Subscribed Address Books per page drop-down list.

Q: I created a Private address book and I want to change it to a Public address book, but I get an error when I try to do this.

Once you create an address book, you cannot change its designation. You can delete the address book, and then create it again and give it the appropriate Public or Private designation.


Q: I refreshed my browser and now the data in my dashboards is distorted.

Please contact your TeamConnect Certified Professional.

Q: The reports in my dashboard appear truncated.

Change your screen resolution. If the problem persists, contact your TeamConnect Certified Professional.

Q: I ran a report on Documents that filters on the document size, but got "no data to display".

Be sure that you are supplying the correct range of sizes. Document sizes are in bytes, not kilobytes or megabytes.

Q: After I add a report to a portal pane, the report does not show up.

You must be using Flash 10.1 and above to display reports in portal panes.

Q: I'm editing a report specification and I can't drill down to some fields in the Fields list hierarchy.

The hierarchy in the Fields list is very extensive, but there are some limitations. Sometimes a field in the list represents an entire entity of its own. For example, the Vendor field in an Invoice record represents an entire Contact record of its own. You can usually drill down into entities to see all their fields, but here are some exceptions:

  • If the field that you're looking at is a Project field of record type Any, or if you're looking at the Project field in the Task record type, the Project field can be expanded to show the system fields associated with the Project, but none of the Project's custom fields are available. Also, the Categories, Current Phase, Default Category, and Assignee Role fields of the project are not available for use as search criteria. They are available as result fields.
  • A Project field can be navigated to see the Project record's own fields, but the related objects for that Project record aren't available.
  • When you drill down into a field of type User (for example, the Created By or Modified By fields found in most record types) you see information from the Contact record associated with the user, not from the User record itself.

Q: I've made changes to a report and saved the changes, but I still see the old data.

When a report is run, the data is automatically stored in your computer's memory. If you navigate away from the report to do other work, when you return to the report, you will still see the old data - even if you changed and saved the report.

For report changes to take effect, one of the following must occur:

  • The Data Warehouse is refreshed since the last time you ran the report.
  • The report properties are edited and saved (by you, or another user) since the last time you ran the report.
  • Your computer runs out of memory, so the oldest report data is deleted to make room for new, incoming report data.

Note: This answer not apply to Tabular Only reports because Tabular report data is not saved in memory.

Other Questions

Q: I clicked the browser Back button and, when I went Forward again, my work was gone.

Incomplete data entry is lost when you use the Back button. Finish and save your data entry before going back.

Q: After clicking my web browser Stop button, the links on my home page are not responding. Why?

After you click your browser Stop button, you need to click the browser Refresh button and wait until the page is completely refreshed (i.e. the browser activity icon stops moving). Afterward, TeamConnect links will become active.

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