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A utility within TeamConnect that defines information that needs to be captured to create valid Records. A wizard guides the user through the entire process of capturing the record for the first time. It automatically determines the sequence of steps in which the user should collect data by displaying the appropriate pages on the screen and prompting the user what information needs to be entered. For example, the Appointment Scheduler is a wizard. Other wizards may be defined specifically for your organization.


A defined sequence of activities within an organization to produce a final outcome. For example, a request to post an invoice might be automatically routed from staff members to a manager to a director for approval, before it is posted to the appropriate budgets. At each stage in the workflow, one or more users are responsible for specific activities. Once the operation is complete (for example, the approval for posting the invoice is obtained), TeamConnect ensures that the users responsible for the next operation receive the data they need to execute their stage of the process.

TeamConnect's standard workflow consists only of approval processes. However, your workflow process could be designed to extend beyond the approval processes to include other activities that help to move information and tasks through your organization.

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