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Main Record

A record that may have multiple related records that are not hierarchically subordinate to it, but were created for it and hence, are dependent on it.

For example, a Dispute record can have multiple tasks and appointments, an invoice can have multiple history records, a contact can have multiple documents, and so on. Typically, main records are projects. However, all record types can have dependent records of type history and document.

Within a main record, its dependent records are displayed as multiple hyperlinks in a search screen, or in a separate tab or section of the record.


This term can refer to the following:

Group members are Users who are included in a group, from which they can obtain rights to various objects and tools in TeamConnect.

Route members are users who are included in the Approval process in an Approval Rule.

Address Book members are contacts that are included in a user's personal address book.

Memo Text

A type of text field in which you can type free form text of a length up to what your database permits.


Types of records that are specifically designed to meet the legal needs of an organization. The standard TeamConnect matter types are advice & counsel, disputes, and transactions. They are sometimes referred to as "projects," such as in the Project search module.

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