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Short for Internet Message Access Protocol, an Internet-specific protocol that allows email clients to retrieve email messages from servers. This protocol cannot send email.


Bills sent by Vendors who provided your organization with their goods or services. Within TeamConnect, there are two distinguished types of invoices: Invoice Expenses and Invoice Tasks. Invoices can be posted against certain Accounts according to the posting criteria set for each individual account.


Contacts involved in Projects, such as claimants, witnesses, policemen, plaintiffs, defendants, and so on. Unlike project Assignees, involved parties are not TeamConnect users. The information about the contact's involvement is displayed both in the contact record and the project record.

IP Address

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) are the two main communication protocols used to access Internet addresses. A computer must have an IP address before it can connect to the Internet. An IP "data packet" (like an email) must have a "send-to" IP address before it can be sent to another computer, just like postal mail needs an envelope with a real address. An IP address is several numbers separated by periods, for example,

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