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Edit mode

A state of a record in which you can modify it. In most screens, you can switch a record from Read- only mode to Edit mode by clicking the Edit button, if you have the appropriate Rights.

Email Account

An account for email messaging setup on an email server and accessed by the email client. A default email account is one that has already been set up for you.

Email Client

An email application for sending and receiving email messages, for example, Microsoft Outlook.

Embedded projects

Child projects that are embedded in their parent project and cannot be created or accessed outside it. They also have a more simplified screen layout and functionality than child records.

Within the parent record, its embedded records are displayed as multiple hyperlinks in a separate tab or section with a search or batch screen.


This term is sometimes used to refer to Objects in TeamConnect.


Costs of doing business in your organization, such as the cost of merchandise bought and the cost of services received. For example, office supplies, transportation, phone calls, meals, and employee training, could be considered expenses. Expenses can be project-specific (associated with a particular Project), or global (not associated with projects).

Expenses can be posted against Accounts according to the posting criteria you set for each individual account

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