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A value or setting that TeamConnect automatically selects if you do not specify a substitute. For example, TeamConnect may select certain Categories as the default for your Records, or set a contact's address as the default.

The default directory in document screens is the directory the operating system searches unless you specify a different directory.

The default can also be an action that the program will take. For example, a user who creates an appointment is automatically (or by default) added as an attendee.


Additional, custom fields that may be created for various records. These fields are created to meet the specific needs of your organization. They are usually organized into groups on the screen, known as Detail Forms or blocks.

Detail Forms

Certain groups of Details created for a specific object Category. They can be displayed on a separate tab or as a section on the General tab of an object record.


A file uploaded to the Documents area of TeamConnect. These can be plain text, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, image (JPEG, GIF, BMP), HTML, XML, and so on. They are usually associated with TeamConnect records, for example, a picture taken of a car damaged in an auto accident.

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