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TeamConnect 7.0 - Action Needed to Ensure a Successful Upgrade

TeamConnect 7.0 - Action Needed to Ensure a Successful Upgrade
This page includes important details about upgrading to version 7.0
TeamConnect Version 7.0 is now Available!

We are delighted to announce the release of TeamConnect version 7.0.  Included below is a summary of key features.

We also want to let you know about an architectural update which, though very unlikely, could impact any custom java code integrations and therefore may require some action when you are ready to upgrade. We have created the below, detailed  page to outline the possible impacts and steps to prepare you for the version 7.0 upgrade.

Key Enhancements & Features

  • InvoiceIQ:  Invoice Review powered by Machine Learning: Improve invoice review timelines and provide potential adjustment opportunities through machine learning recommendations on line items; activity categorization; custom rules; GC, AGC and compliance dashboards using TCBI.

  • Joint Timekeeper + Rate Approvals: Streamline the onboarding of new firms and timekeepers by combining the approval of Timekeepers and Rates in a single-step; validations in Collaborati prior to Timekeeper submission.

  • Invoice Review Improvements:  Direct client-based usability enhancements, that include easier vertical and horizontal scrolling to review invoices faster and configuring of custom fields for My Approvals with regards to invoices.

  • Heartbeat:  This feature transmits TeamConnect enterprise and module versions and environment (ex:  database vendor and version) information back to Mitratech.  This feature is defaulted on to streamline the Upgrades Included process for you.

  • Spring Update:  As part of Mitratech maintenance processes, component libraries are periodically updated for performance, sustainability, and security reasons.

  • Support for Websphere Liberty 21.

Architectural Update

With the version 7.0 upgrade, the underlying Spring framework upon which TeamConnect is built has been updated from version 3 to version 5, which keeps us current on support and reduces risk of encountering vulnerabilities when performing application scans.  

Important: Impact and Action Needed Prior to Upgrading Edit section

Any client who has a custom integration with TeamConnect should follow the plan below to ensure a smooth upgrade to version 7.0.

The TeamConnect platform provides extensibility by allowing Services, Partners, and Client developers to create custom integrations through use of custom java code.  It is this custom code that may need updates due to the Spring library updates.

NOTE:  It is highly unlikely that custom integrations will rely on libraries that have been changed.  Best practice is to upload library files to the TeamConnect system libraries folder when creating custom integrations.  However, it is possible a custom integration was written that may leverage the library files deployed with TeamConnect.  If this has been done, then the integration may need to be updated as part of the version 7.0 upgrade plan.

Please review your custom integration code and note the following recommendations:

  1. Identify any and all custom integrations to TeamConnect.  If none exist, then the remaining activities can be ignored.

  2. Determine whether any of the custom code utilizes libraries that are distributed within the TeamConnect deployment (see Impacted Library Files list, below).

  3. Take note of the details of the integration (what files are used, what actions are performed) and then reach out to your account manager so that we can determine a recommended path for remediation.

  4. Prior to creating your upgrade plan from your TeamConnect current version to TeamConnect version 7.0, inform your Mitratech contact (Account Manager and/or your Upgrades Included point of contact) of these integration details so that remediation planning can be included into the upgrade Project.  Remediation will be handled on a case by case basis, depending on the integration code and the files used.

We are here for YOU and to make this a smooth upgrade.  If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your Account Manager to arrange a call.

Impacted Library Files 

The most commonly used libraries for such integrations include Apache POI and CXF, so any integrations using those are at highest risk.  We believe it is unlikely any custom java code would utilize the remaining library files, but it is good to check the whole list.

Here is the full list: 

Library Previous Version Updated Version
aspectj.version 1.18.3  1.18.4
blazeds  removed 2.8.5  2.9.0
com.rometools:rome 1.16.0  1.18.0
com.thoughtworks.xstream:xstream  1.4.19
cxf.version 3.1.10  3.5.0
elasticsearch.version 7.16.3  7.10.0 (pending update in TeamConnect 7.0, this change should not exist on release)
hibernate.version 5.4.22.Final  5.4.32.Final
jackson.version 2.10.3  2.10.5
javax.servlet.jsp:jsp-api 2 2.2
javax.servlet:javax.servlet-api 2.5 3.0.1
javax.servlet:jstl 1.2 removed, replaced with org.apache.taglibs:taglibs 2 2.1
jaxen:jaxen 1.1.6  1.2.0
jdom:jdom 1 removed
net.sf.oval:oval 1.32 1.9
netty   removed
org.apache.commons:commons-fileupload 1.3.3  1.4
org.apache.commons:commons-text new  1.9
org.apache.taglibs:taglibs-standard-jstlel new  1.2.5
org.apache.taglibs:taglibs-standard-spec new  1.2.5
org.dom4j:dom4j 2.1.1  2.1.3
org.jdom:jdom2 2.0.6
org.mindrot:jbcrypt 0.4 removed, functional replacement via at.favre.lib:bcrypt previously available in TeamConnect 6.3.x
poi.version 4.1.2  5.2.0
spring.version 3.2.18.RELEASE  5.3.20
spring-ldap 1.3.0  removed
tinymce 4.3.0  5.10.3


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