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TeamConnect Deadlines Release Notes 5.0+

TeamConnect Deadlines

Releases Release Date Major Changes Product Compatibility
Deadlines 5.1.1 Release Notes
Deadlines 5.1.1 Patch 1
2/20/19 Maintenance TCE 5.1+
Deadlines 5.1.0 Release Notes
Deadlines 5.1.0 Patch 1
6/29/17 Deadlines can be installed via Module Setup Tool; Enhanced searching for Tasks and Appointments; Added deadlines ID field for Tasks and Appointments TCE 5.1+
Deadlines 5.0.1 Release Notes 5/24/17 Added two new fields from Aderant - Category Code and Category Name TCE 5.0+
Deadlines 5.0.0 Release Notes 11/22/16 Updated User Interface and better adherence to 508 compliance TCE 5.0+
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