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TeamConnect - 3rd Party Platforms Certification Guidelines

TeamConnect - 3rd Party Platforms Certification Guidelines

v0.1 (January 2020)

In order to provide a predictable and consistent upgrade path for our clients, the company has established a guideline regarding our support of upcoming 3rd party software platform versions (individually installed software programs, excluding web browsers) that underpin TeamConnect:

  1. New releases of 3rd party software that are marketed with long-term support in mind will be supported by TeamConnect within 12 - 24 months of public release; in other cases, prior to that

  2. Some examples of 3rd party software platforms are contained in this non-exhaustive list:

    1. Databases

      1. Microsoft SQL Server

      2. Oracle Database

    2. Application Servers

      1. IBM Websphere

      2. Oracle WebLogic

      3. Apache Tomcat

    3. Search

      1. Elasticsearch

    4. Reporting

      1. Sisense

    5. Miscellaneous

      1. iManage

      2. SOP

      3. Microsoft Office / Outlook

  3. There may be some special cases where we deviate from this guideline depending on changes in vendor release cadence, market fluctuations or other circumstances

  4. We may drop certification for older versions of these platforms when new releases are added to the support matrix

  5. The support matrix itself will be published on the TeamConnect Client Success Center at the following URL:

  6. This policy and the support matrix will be reviewed by Mitratech Product Management every 3 (three) months



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