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SecureSign Tagging

A Signature Smart Tag is just a piece of text in your document in the following format. 

[!Sign.1.F.Notify.A.V.REVIEW.SMS.REASON.TITLE,FirstName,LastName,Email,+61,041 2345678] 

The Signature Smart Tag allows you to set the following options: 



1 The signing order. Use 1 for all Smart Tags for a non-sequential signing process. If setting a sequential signing order, all tags for the same person must have the same number.
F Use the person’s full signature
I Use the person’s initials
Notify Send an email notification to document / account owner after the person has signed. Optional tag, it will be better to use additional recipient notification smart tag to notify.
 SMS  Requires the signer to enter a code sent to the mobile phone number provided to be able to sign the document
 A  Add attachment file to email invitation, from document library and upload on off document. See below for more information.
 V  Add Video Confirmation to signing process
 REVIEW  Review before signing, minimum time to read setup in account setting
 REASON  Invitee will enter the signatures intent, the reason for his signature should be type during the signing process, and it can be any text, that become part of the signature,
 TITLE  Invitee require to enter Job Title during signing process, it will be part of the signature


All items after the comma reflect the details of the person who will be asked to sign the document at this point. If the details are left blank, you will be prompted to provide the signer’s details when the document is added to Secured Signing. 
A Smart Tag to invite James Bond to sign a document would be: 


Smart Tags to invite James to sign a document first and then have Ms Moneypenny sign the document would be: 





If the document doesn't have any signature smart tags, at least one signer will be added to the file as dynamic signature smart tag and it will be filled (email, first and last names) as default signer from the workflow.

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