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Editing Item Details

The Edit function lets you edit item details for the selected workflow. Only those form fields that are configured for Add to Repository in the workflow form are available for editing

To edit item details:

  1. Locate the desired workflow in the  Workflow Dashboard.
  2. Select  Edit from the associated Actions menu.
    • The Edit Item Details dialog displays.
    • The dialog lists all item details for which you may change the value (Text, Area, and Drop Down form fields). Each field is pre-filled with the currently specified value.
  3. Enter or edit item details as desired.
  4. When all desired values have been entered or edited, save your changes:
    • To save your changes to the TAP system only, click the Save button.
    • To send your changes to the SalesForce API, click the Send to API button.
    • To discard your changes and retain the previous values for all item details, click the Cancel button.
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