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Templates Quick Reference Guide

This Quick Reference Guide covers the steps required to upload and create templates in PolicyHub.


Uploading a Template to the Library  

Select Library from the navigation sidebar.

Capture T1.PNG

Right-click on the folder to which you want to upload the template and select Upload template(s).

Capture T2.PNG

Click Browse and navigate to the location of the template.

Capture T3.PNG
Select the Template and click Open. Capture T4.PNG

Click Upload to upload the template. 

Capture T5.1.PNG
Edit the template and click Save. Capture T12.PNG
Create a New Template in the Library  
Right-click on the folder to which you want to create the new template and select New template from the menu. Capture 6.PNG
Give the new template a name and description.   Capture T7.PNG
Click Ok to save the template. Capture T8.PNG
Create a New Template from a Previously Created Template  

If you want to create the new template from a previously created template, right click on folder and select New Document.   

Capture T10.PNG

Name the new template and add a description. 

Then select the template required in the Copy from existing template pane. If None is selected, the new template will be created from the default template.  Click the Ok button to create the template. 
Capture T11.PNG
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