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Reporting Quick Reference Guide

Reports can be accessed by clicking on the Reporting Tab on the navigation sidebar. Capture 1.PNG
The Reports tab contains two reports:  The Publication Compliance report shows every publication sent in the last week (by default) and the Standout Answer Group is used in conjunction with questionnaires to show the responses to specific questions during a defined time frame. Capture 2.PNG

The Subscriptions Tab allows you to view existing  report subscriptions.

Capture 3.PNG
Reports can also be accessed by right clicking on the item to be reported on (user, policy, etc.) and selecting Reports, then selecting the specific report from the dropdown list:  View compliance report for all recipients of this policy, view audit report for all recipients of this policy, view audit report for all publications containing this policy, view feedback summary report for this document, view feedback history report for this document. Capture 4.PNG
Reports can be filtered by clicking on the filters icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Capture 5.PNG

Operators can changed by clicking on the tool icon and selecting the new operator. 

Filter Operators


Equals, Equals (select), Equals (multiple), Doesn’t Equal, Doesn’t Equal (select) and Doesn’t Equal (multiple)


Like, Begins with, Ends with, Isn’t like

Capture 6.PNG
Additional Filters can be added by clicking on the green plus sign. Capture C7.PNG
To select the new filter, click on the ellipsis symbol and select the filter from the dropdown list.  Capture 8.PNG
Once the filters have been updated, click on the Update results button to view the results. Capture 9.PNG
You can drill down into the results for any underlined item on a report.  Capture 10.PNG
Reports can be saved by clicking on the save icon and selecting the file format:  Export to PDF, Export to Excel, Export to Word, Export to CSV.  Capture 11.PNG
To add a subscription to a report, apply all necessary filters and click on the Subscribe button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Capture 12.PNG

Complete the Subscription Name, To, Subject, email comments and how the report will be delivered (attachment or link). 

Note:  The recipients do not have to be PolicyHub users to receive an email with the report attached, but do have to be PolicyHub users to open a linked report. 
Capture 13 - Copy.PNG
Complete the scheduling information for the report. Capture 14.PNG
Click on the Complete subscription button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Capture 15.PNG
Tip:  A filtered report that you plan to reuse, can be setup as a subscription with a date far into the future and no email information.  Then click on the report from the Subscriptions tab to run the report.  Capture 16.PNG
This Quick Reference Guide walks you through the steps to filter, save and subscribe to Reports in PolicyHub.


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