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Request Feedback Quick Reference Card

Request review is a way of reviewing and approving policies prior to publication.

When a Document, Test or Questionnaire is being developed, it can be sent for review to a panel of reviewers.  The Publisher can then determine which of the suggested changes to incorporate into a new revision of the Document, Test or Questionnaire. 


Depending on your PolicyHub system license, the menu selection displayed will either be “Send Document Revision for Review” or “Request Feedback”.  This guide will use the terminology “Request Feedback”. 

When a Word document is sent for review, the reviewer can make changes to the Document and add comments. 

When a PDF document or any other non-Word Document is sent for review, the reviewer cannot make changes to the Document.  Instead, all suggested changes must be entered as comments. 

Right click on the document to be reviewed and select Request feedback.  Capture RF1.PNG
Complete the Feedback request details (each field of the feedback request dialog box is defined in the table below). Capture RF2.PNG
Additional items to be reviewed in this request can be added by clicking the Add documents button.  Capture RF3.PNG
Add the Intended Recipients by clicking Add recipients. Capture RF4.PNG
Select the Recipient(s) and click the Select button. Capture RF5.PNG
Select the Publication rule from the dropdown list and change the Priority if necessary.  Capture RF6.PNG
When all of the information has been completed, click on Send for feedback in the lower right hand corner to begin the review process. Capture RF6a.PNG
The Publications list is displayed showing the status of the document.  Click on Full User breakdown to see each of the recipients in this request.  Capture RF7.PNG
An email notification is sent to the Reviewer containing the information completed in the Feedback request details. Capture RF9.PNG
The document will be in the User’s Inbox.  Click on Review Document to open the document and make changes.  Capture RF8.PNG
While the document is opening in Word, a dialog box opens with instructions.  Do not click on any of these buttons until the document has been reviewed and saved.  Capture RF10.PNG

Make any comments or changes to the document, save and close the document. 

Now you will have a choice of three options:  Resume Editing – edits will be saved, but the review process is not complete the document will remain in the User’s inbox; Accept without changes – The document will be sent back to the requestor without changes; Upload changes – the saved changes will be sent to the requestor; or Return to inbox – no changes will be made to the original document and it will remain in the User’s inbox.
Capture Rf11b.PNG
Add any comments you would like to include with the request and click on Submit.  Capture RF12.PNG
A dialog box opens confirming the review has been completed and the item will be removed from the User’s Inbox.  Capture RF13.PNG
An email will be sent to the requester with a status update.  Capture RF15.PNG
When all reviewers have completed their review, the Publications list will have a status of Complete.  Capture RF14.PNG
To view the changes made by each reviewer, open the Publications list, right click on the Publication and select View feedback for this publication.  Capture RF26.PNG
Click on the User name to see the Feedback details for each reviewer and then click on View selected at the bottom of the screen to view the document.  Capture RF28.PNG
The View changes and the selected feedback document's dialog box opens and you have the option to Open document for editing, View document (read-only) or cancel.  Capture RF29.PNG

The View changes in selected feedback documents dialog box is displayed. 

Do not click on these buttons until the review is complete. 

Capture RF31.PNG
The document will open in Word (or other native format) and you can turn on Track Changes and accept or reject the changes.  Click the save button when you have completed the review and close Word.  Capture RF32.PNG
The document will open in Word and you can turn on Track Changes and accept or reject the changes.  Click the save button when you have completed the review and close Word Capture RF31.PNG
Now you are ready to Publish the revision, Send it for additional feedback, Upload it as new revision or cancel. 
Feedback Request Dialog Box Details  
Name Enter a name for the Feedback request.  This name is displayed in the recipient’s Inbox and is a required field.  Capture RF16.PNG
Source The person or organization responsible for the publication.  This field is required. Capture RF18a.png
Description Any further detail you want to add about the publication.  This description will be seen by the reviewer when clicking on the info icon.   Capture RF19.PNG
Contact The email address that you may (optionally designate as the contact for this publication) . Capture RF20.PNG
On behalf of The name of the person or department the Publication is being sent on behalf of. Capture RF21.PNG
Message This information will be included in the email notification along with the standard test. Capture RF22.png
Send on Specific Date

By default, the Feedback request is sent as soon as the Send for Feedback button is clicked. 

When Send on specific date is selected, you can configure a date and time when the request will be sent. 

Note:  If you select Send on specific date, you cannot save a draft copy of this feedback request.

Capture RF22a.PNG
Resolve Users Select from the dropdown list when you want the Recipient List to be resolved (the contents of the Recipient List and AD Groups checked and the status of all Users validated.)  Capture RF23.PNG
Use contact as ‘From’ address for emails

Will use your contact email address as the From address on the email notification. 

Note:  If this checkbox is not activated, the default address for the application is use. 
Capture RF24.PNG
Send status updates to this address When this option is selected, the Contact will be sent an email when each user completes their feedback.  Capture RF25.PNG


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