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Categories Quick Reference Guide

This Quick Reference Guide walks you through the steps to create a Category in PolicyHub.

PolicyHub Categories control policy ownership and which workflows can be used with a policy.   

Best Practice:  Document and apply naming conventions to your Categories. 

Capture C01.PNG

Best Practice:  Make the Descriptions detailed to avoid confusion and save time when assigning Categories.

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Click on Categories from the navigation sidebar.

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Note:  You must have Category Management Write Permissions to create a new Category.

Capture C14.PNG

Click Create in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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Complete the Name and Description in Category Settings.  The name must be unique, you cannot duplicate a Category Name.

Capture C3.PNG

Click on the ... icon next to Owners to see the Groups and User Lists. 

Capture C4.PNG

Select the owner(s) for this category.  Click on the Select button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to continue.

Capture C5.PNG

If you want to link a Template to the category, click on the ... icon next to Templates.  Assigning a Template to a Category is not mandatory. 

Capture C8.PNG

Select the template by clicking the Select button.

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If a Template has been selected, the Enforce Template checkbox is enabled.  This checkbox is not visible if a template is not selected. 

Capture C10.PNG

Select the Workflow Design for this category from the drop down list. 

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An optional Workflow Re-Review Schedule can be added to the category.  This will determine the frequency for re-review of the policies.  Select the frequency from the drop down list and complete the required date fields.    

Capture C12.PNG

Click on the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Capture C13.PNG