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Login Intercept Overview

PolicyHub® is the Corporate Governance Policies & Procedures Management solution from Mitratech that tracks and proves compliance in regulated businesses.

It enables and controls the targeted distribution of compliance documentation within an enterprise.

When a document is sent to a user using Login Intercept, the user will automatically be taken to their Login Intercept Inbox when they log in to their windows session. The Login Intercept Inbox shows the Documents, Tests and Questionnaires which need their attention. The user might be given the opportunity to defer the items in their inbox. However, they might not be allowed to leave the Login Intercept Inbox until they have dealt with some (or all) of the items in the Inbox.


The purpose of this guide is to help recipients of Corporate Compliance Documentation understand the structure and layout of Login Intercept and to assist them in using it effectively and efficiently. For information on other PolicyHub features, please refer to the PolicyHub Users’ Guide.

Additional Information

This guide contains detailed information and stepbystep instructions about PolicyHub Login Intercept.

The instructions it provides are for using PolicyHub on the Windows® platform.

This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of your computer and its operating conventions, including how to use a mouse, standard menus and commands.

It also assumes you know how to open, rename, save, copy, close and delete files.

For help with any of these techniques, please refer to your Windows® documentation.

Types Of Compliance Documentation

There are five (5) types of document issued for compliance purposes.

  • Read Documents (Corporate compliance information that must be read by recipients.)
  • Test Documents (Used to gauge recipients’ understanding of corporate compliance information.)
  • Questionnaire Documents (Used to gather recipients’ opinions on corporate issues.)
  • Review Documents (Issued to an advisory panel for prerelease comments.)
  • Reference Documents (Issued to and kept by recipients, for reference purposes. For example, a Glossary of Terms used in your business sector.)

Receiving Items

When there is a corporate requirement for you to be made aware of compliance issues, the PolicyHub system is used to send you the relevant compliance documents.

Note: You may be required to acknowledge receipt of these documents.

To facilitate this, PolicyHub users will have their own Login Intercept Inbox.

When a compliance document is distributed, an email alert may be sent to your conventional email inbox (for example: Microsoft® Outlook®).

From inside that email, a hyperlink will direct you to your PolicyHub Inbox and from there, you can open and action the compliance document(s). For more information on the PolicyHub Inbox, see the PolicyHub Users’ Guide.

Alternatively, when you log in to Windows, you might first be taken to your Login Intercept Inbox.

Reading A Document

From your Login Intercept Inbox, you can access newly distributed compliance documents. However, to retrieve any previously received Documents you must go to your personal PolicyHub Document Library (for more information on the PolicyHub Document Library see the PolicyHub Users’ Guide).

Documents are displayed as Portable Document Format (PDF) files or in their original (native) format, depending upon the requirements of the sender.

Most Documents, when opened and (if necessary) acknowledged, are automatically transferred to your PolicyHub Library.

Open the Document by clicking the View Document button next to it, as described in Completing Items In Your Inbox.

Sitting A Test

The PolicyHub system is also used to distribute Test Documents (which might also have associated Documents attached).

Note: If an attached document is a Read Document, you have to acknowledge that you have read the Document before you are allowed to open the Test document and answer the Test questions.

If the attached document is a Reference Document, you do not need to read the document before you take the Test. However, it is advisable to read all documents sent with a Test.

Apart from being required to read and acknowledge any associated documents, you will be required to open, read and answer the questions in the Test Document then submit the Test for marking.

A Test might be used to verify you understand a particular corporate requirement (for example: Money Laundering awareness) or it might be used to measure your understanding of a compliance document attached to the Test, which you have just received and read.

Open the Test Document by clicking the Take Test button next to it, as described in Completing Items In Your Inbox. Carefully read the information on the initial page of the Test and if in any doubt, reread it before you start the Test.

Responding To A Questionnaire

The PolicyHub system is also used to distribute Questionnaires (which might also have associated documents attached).

Although it may be useful to read and acknowledge any associated documents before starting the Questionnaire, it is not a requirement. Open, read and answer the Questionnaire’s questions then submit it. Then complete any other Documents or Questionnaires included in the Publication.

A Questionnaire might be used to gather your opinions on a particular corporate issue or it might be used gather your opinions on a corporate policy Document (associated with and) attached to the Questionnaire, which you have just received and read.

Open the Questionnaire by clicking the Start Questionnaire button next to it, as described in Completing Items In Your Inbox.

Carefully read the information on the initial page of the Questionnaire and if in any doubt, reread it before you respond.

Reviewing A Test, Questionnaire Or Document

Review Requests are issued to an advisory panel for prerelease comments.

Recipients of review requests are (typically) experts in a particular field of operation or experienced in particular topics and/or procedures.

Their comments are essential, to ensure Documents, Questionnaires and Tests fully and correctly address the compliance needs of their enterprise.

When a document has been reviewed, commented on and returned by all reviewers, the publisher can implement the recommended changes (if any) and only then, will it be published to the required recipients to initiate enterprisewide compliance.

Open the review Document, Test or Questionnaire by clicking the Review button next to it, as described in Completing Items In Your Inbox.

Your PolicyHub Document Library

The PolicyHub Document Library associated with your PolicyHub Inbox holds all the compliance Documents distributed to you.

When you read (and – if necessary – acknowledge) compliance Documents, they are automatically saved in your PolicyHub Document Library. The folder structure of your library is automatically created and maintained for you by the PolicyHub system. For more information on the PolicyHub Document Library, see the PolicyHub Users’ Guide.

Help With Using PolicyHub

As a recipient of Corporate Compliance Documentation, online Help is available to you whenever your Login Intercept Inbox is active.

To access online Help, click on the Help button.


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