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PolicyHub® is the Policy Management software from Hitec (Laboratories) Ltd, which allows you to control the whole lifecycle of your Policies and Procedures.

It enables and controls the targeted distribution of compliance documentation within an organisation.


The purpose of this guide is to help the distributors of compliance documentation to understand the structure and layout of PolicyHub and to assist them in using it effectively and efficiently.

This guide contains detailed information about the menu options and buttons available in PolicyHub and includes examples showing how to use them.

This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of your computer and its operating conventions, including how to use a mouse, standard menus and commands.

Types Of Compliance Documentation

There are four types of document issued for compliance purposes.

  • Read DocumentsCorporate compliance information that must be read by recipients.
  • Test or Questionnaire Documents – Used to gauge recipients’ understanding of corporate compliance information or to gather opinions from recipients.
  • Review Documents – Issued to an advisory panel for prerelease comments.
  • Reference Documents – Issued to recipients for reference purpose only.

Help With Using PolicyHub®

To view PolicyHub’s online Help, click the Help icon on any page.


About This Guide

This guide describes the options available to a User who has all the available permissions. If you do not have all the available permissions, the options available to you may differ from those shown. Additionally, certain functions in the PolicyHub menu are only accessible with the appropriate licence. These are indicated in the documentation with a footnote.

Accessing Menus

There are two ways to access the various menus in PolicyHub:

  • Rightclick on the required item.
  • Select the required item, move the cursor to the right until a black triangle appears and then leftclick on the black triangle.

Although the first method is used throughout this guide, either method can be used.

Note: If you rightclick on an item or area of the page which does not have an associated PolicyHub menu, the browser’s default rightclick context menu is displayed.

Editing And Viewing Word Documents

The first time a user opens a Word document from PolicyHub to view or edit, their browser might block the action.


In Chrome, the following dialog is displayed.


Select the option Remember my choice for all links of this type and click on the button Launch Application. The next time the user tries to open a Word document from PolicyHub, it will be opened in Word.


In Firefox, the following dialog is displayed.


If Microsoft Office is displayed (as shown in the example above), select the option Remember my choice for msword links and then click OK.

If Microsoft Office is not displayed, click the Choose button and browse to the location of the application you want to use to open Microsoft Word documents and click Open. You are returned to the Launch Application dialog. Select the option Remember my choice for msword links and then click OK.

Editing Tests And Questionnaires

There are three ways to editing question and answer text:

  1. Doubleclick on the question or answer in the tree on the left. The item can then be edited.
  2. Rightclick on a question or answer and then select an option from the menu.
  3. Select the question or answer in the tree on the left and then edit the item’s properties in the pane on the right.

Methods 1 and 2 are used most often in the examples in this guide. However, method 3 is used for properties which can only be edited from the Properties pane.

Accessing Your Inbox Or Library

This guide describes all the administrator features in the PolicyHub application. However, it is also possible to access you PolicyHub Inbox by clicking the My Inbox button.


You can view all the Policies which have been sent to you by clicking the My Library button.


These features are described in the PolicyHub Inbox Guide.

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