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You can view in‐progress, completed, and cancelled document approvals, together with running reviews and Workflows designs from the Workflows menu.

Note: Workflows are available depending on your PolicyHub system licence.


Workflow Selection

There are three filters that can be selected to view a Workflow; Document, Workflow and Status, as described below.



  1. Select the ... icon in the document filter. This opens a view of the PolicyHub library where the documents are stored. See “Library” for a full description of the library options and how to select a document.
  2. Select the document whose Workflow you wish to review and click the Select button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Selecting the Cancel button will return you to the Workflow menu.
  4. Selecting the Clear filter removes all the filters from the document selection and displays all Workflow conditions in the Workflow pane.


  1. Activated Workflow designs can be selected and viewed using the Workflow filter. The default setting for Workflow is All.
  2. Selecting the Workflow dropdown list displays all the activated Workflow designs.


  1. Activated Workflow statuses can be viewed and selected with this option. There are three statuses; In Progress, Completed and Cancelled.
  2. Selecting the Status dropdown list lets you choose each of the Workflow statuses. The default setting is In progress.
  3. Each Workflow design status can be selected individually or all statuses can be selected, as shown in the example above.

Viewing Workflow Statuses

The Workflow pane displays the Workflows selected using the filters described previously in this section.


  1. The list of Workflows can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the column title. The sort can be reversed by clicking on the column title again.
  2. The icons displayed at the left of the Name column indicate the status of each Workflow. See “Workflow Icons” for a comprehensive list of all icons used in Workflows.

The descriptions for the Workflow column headings are given in Table 92.

TABLE 92. Workflow


Meaning / Description


The title of the Workflow


The Workflow description.


The date the Workflow started.


The date the Workflow completed.


The status of the Workflow.

Workflow Summary

The Workflow summary pane displays owner and step change history status. It provides a visual indication of the Workflow state together with the date and times when steps are triggered and is useful for monitoring and auditing Workflows.


  1. Where a step has been forwarded with comments, the Workflow summary pane displays an information icon image signifying that comments have been made to the document.
  2. Selecting the information icon opens the View comments popup with details of the recipients who made the comments.
  3. The View comments popup contains the following information:
  • Commented documents the name of the document.
  • Users Name lists all users who have forwarded the document to the next step.
  • Date lists the date and time the user forwarded the document to the next step.
  • Comment lists any comments the users have made.

Note: if markup changes were not made in Microsoft Word document, or if it was a noneditable document, the View Changed (read only) button will be disabled.

  1. To view the comments in the document, select the View changes (read only) button at the bottom of the popup. The document will open in read only mode. Select the Close button to close the popup.
  2. When a step forwards to the next step in the Workflow, a coloured arrows indicates the action that moved it:
  • image A blue arrow indicates the action has been forwarded to the next step.
  • image A green arrow indicates the action has been accepted.
  • image A red arrow indicates the action has been rejected.
  1. Where a simple forward step has been reviewed and changes have been made to a document, the reviewer is given the option to save the changes and create a new version of the document. In this instance the Workflow summary pane displays a gold star icon image signifying that a new version of the document has been created and a new version number has been made to the document.
  2. Selecting the gold star icon image opens the View new revisions popup window.

The View new revisions window displays the following information:

  • Document Name the name of the document that was sent for review.
  • Initial Version the version number of the document that was sent for review.
  • New Version the new version number of the document created after the review.
  • Created By the person who reviewed and made changes to the document.
  • Created Date the date and time that the new document version number was created.

Selecting the View differences from original button lets you to compare differences between the original document sent for review and the new version of the document.

Note: The View differences from original function is only active with editable Word .doc and .docx documents.

Selecting the Close button takes you back to Workflow Summary pane.

Workflow History

The Workflow history pane provides a full record of every action and step made in the review process.


The Workflow history pane displays a complete tracking record of all steps with details of:

  • The description.
  • The date and time a step was entered, forwarded or ended.
  • The comments made to the document.
  • How the step was arrived at.
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