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Recipient List Configuration Examples

This enables you to easily select the Users you want to receive a Publication without having to select all the Users individually.


Creating A Recipient List

  1. Click Recipient Lists in the main menu.
  2. Click Create new recipient list.
  3. In the Name box, type a name for the Recipient List that will make it easily identifiable. In the Description box, add a description of the Recipient List.
  4. To add a User, click on the Groups tab and enter part or all of the name of the User you want to add to the Recipient List, then click Search. Names returned from the search are listed in the Users pane.
  5. Select the Users you want to add to the Recipient List and drag them to the pane below Drag and drop to add users and groups, on the right. Drag and drop Users, Groups or Recipient Lists to the list of members. Click on the items you want to add, while holding down the Ctrl key. Alternatively, use the Shift key to select a consecutive list of recipients by clicking the first recipient in the list and the last recipient. Drag the required item(s) to the list of members on the right.
  6. In a similar way, you can select existing Recipient Lists from the Recipient lists tab or Groups from the Groups treeview and drag them to the new Recipient List.
  7. Users can also be added to the new Recipient List from the Unassigned users tab.
  8. A member can be removed from the Recipient List by selecting the member, clicking on the black triangle on the right and selecting Remove user from selected recipients or Remove recipient list from selected recipients, as appropriate.
  9. The selected member is removed from the Recipient List.
  10. Click Save to save the Recipient List.

Creating A Recipient List While Creating A Publication

When you click Add recipients on either the Build New Publication page or the Build Review Publication page, you can either use an existing Recipient List or you can create a new one.


Create New List/Add To List

When you click Create new list, you can add Users, Recipient Lists and/or Groups to a new (empty) Recipient List. When you click Add to list, you create a new Recipient List with the currently selected Users, Recipient Lists or Groups added to it.


  1. Add the required Users, Recipient Lists and/or Groups to the new list (see Creating A Recipient List” for details).
  2. When you are creating a Recipient List from the Build New Publication page or the Build Review Publication page, you can either Save the Recipient List with a name, or click Use as unnamed to use the newly created Recipient List without saving it with a name. The (named or unnamed) Recipient List is then added to the Publication. A named Recipient List can be selected from the available Recipient Lists and reports for that Recipient List can be viewed. However, an unnamed Recipient List cannot be used again and it cannot be reported on (although reports can still be viewed for the Publication).
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