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PolicyHub V5.2.0 PDF Hub

PolicyHub V5.2.0 PDF Hub
PolicyHub Version 5.2.0. User Documentation

This PDF Hub contains all documentation for the release of PolicyHub v5.2.0.

This is a general release of PolicyHub following improvements and bug fixes in the software. The release highlights include:

  • This release of PolicyHub significantly improves reporting efficiency. Some of the reports were taking too long to generate when reporting on large volumes of data and so most of the reports have been rewritten from the ground up. These reporting enhancements significantly improve the performance of all Compliance, Audit, and Review reports.

  • When HR integration is enabled in PolicyHub, it is now possible to locate a user within the hierarchy tree after searching for that user. If the user has more than one manager, then the first one in the tree will be selected.

  • When exporting reports that have more rows than the defined maximum, the user will be warned and asked if they want to continue to export a limited set of results.

  • When viewing MS Office documents sent in source format from the Inbox or Library, these documents are now opened directly in Word instead of downloading locally.

  • Tooltips have been added to the help, settings, and expand and collapse icons to inform users of their purpose.

  • This release of PolicyHub now supports single sign-on with Okta.

  • A new filter option has been added to exclude publications sent direct to the users’ library from Compliance Reports.

  • This release of PolicyHub now supports single sign-on with Azure Active Directory.

  • When exporting a Report to MS Word it now exports as a ‘.docx’ file extension instead of ‘.doc’ file extension.

  • PolicyHub has been validated against the latest version of iOS for iPad Safari.

  • Users’ email addresses have been added to several Reports.

  • In databases with large numbers of users and groups, the recipient list user screen and unassigned users now loads more quickly.

    Release Note

    System Requirements

    PolicyHub Release Notice v5.2.0.

    PolicyHub System Requirements V5.2.0.

    Application Guide

    Inbox Guide

    PolicyHub Application Guide v5.2.0.

    PolicyHub Inbox Guide v5.2.0.

    Intercept Guide

    PolicyHub Inbox Supported Languages

    PolicyHub Login Intercept Guide v5.2.0.

    Contact to gain access to the Supported Languages Documents.

    API Release Note API Developers Guide

    Note: The API has not changed in this release.
    PolicyHub API Release Notice v1.2.0.

    Note: The API has not changed in this release.
    PolicyHub API Developers Guide v1.2.0.
    ADFS Configuration Guides  
    Contact to gain access to the ADFS Guides.  
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