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Configure the Custom Response Page in System Settings

This page details how to create and edit a custom response page for hold notices.

What is the Response Page Customization feature?

The Response Page refers to the page recipients see when they click on the link to respond to the hold notice. The Response Page Customizations feature allows companies to configure personalized, company-specific hold notices by allowing hold administrators to customize the main message, configure different yes, no, unsure answer options, and add specific text to the header and footer of each hold notice. 

Important Note

The Response Page Customizations page in the Legal Hold application is only used to create and edit custom responses. The option to use a custom response is turned off by default, and must be turned on before the fields on this page are editable. It is also a global setting, meaning all changes will apply to holds.

By default, users will see a fixed, predetermined response (shown below) that is not editable anywhere in the LegalHold application. Thus, the Response Page Customizations feature must be turned on in order to create and use a custom response.


The image above details what a custodian will see when they log into LegalHold to respond to a hold notice.

Set up a custom response for custodians

This setting is found by navigating to System Settings > Response Page Customizations. The following edits can be made:

  • Enter and edit the main message that displays as well as the text that displays on the header and footer section of the response page. (detailed below).
  • Change the descriptions of the Yes, No, Unsure response types on the response page. (detailed below).
  • Preview the changes before publishing.

Configure the main message, header, and footer 

Before you can edit these settings, the Use Custom Response Page toggle must be turned on.

  1. Log in as a system administrator and navigate to System Settings > Response Page Customizations.
  2. Turn the toggle on if it is not already enabled. 
    The fields on this page should be editable once the toggle is turned on.
  3. Adjust the text in the header and/or footer by using the rich text editor. 
  4. Adjust the text in the main message text box.
  5. Click Preview to view any changes before sending a hold. 
  6. Click Save when finished. 

Note: Users have the option to enable or disable the Unsure response option. This global setting affects all holds and will take affect for all holds sent out after the setting is adjusted (it will not have any impact on previously-sent holds).

Do edits or changes affect active holds?

Changes or edits will only affect subsequent hold notices that are sent after the customization. Changes to the response page will not affect existing holds that were previously sent out. 

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