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Notice Customizations

This page details how to enable/disable the various notice customization settings in LegalHold.

What are These Settings?

This settings allows administrators to select whether: 

  • the URL to the LegalHold portal is contained in all emails sent to custodians from LegalHold.
  • the custodian email reminder email is sent in the form of an email digest or in individual emails to the custodians who are still active on an active hold.
  • silent custodians, hold recipients that never receive notifications about the hold notice, can be included on a hold notice.
  • the list of recipients is contained in the CC of the LegalHold email.
  • holds can only be created in a matter management system and not in the LegalHold application.
  • legal staff receives a different subject when emailed copies of a hold notice.

These options provide flexibility to use the LegalHold system based on your business processes. These global settings apply to all custodians. 


Set the Flag for Custodian Reminder Emails

In order to edit this setting, users must be a system administrator or have access to System Settings.

  1. Log in, click System Settings, then select Notice Customizations.
  2. Select the customization option that best fits your business needs.
  3. Click Save

If this option is turned off, custodians will receive individual reminder emails for each hold they are on.

If this option is turned on, custodians will receive a single email that lists all holds they are active on.

This option is turned off by default. 

After you've turned this setting on, configure the Custodian Reminder email template, and create a scheduled task based on a reminder schedule. 

Set the Flag for Silent Custodians

Silent Custodians are hold recipients (also known as custodians) that never receive notifications about the hold notice (this assists with internal investigations). The Silent Custodian setting in LegalHold is a global setting that allows hold administrators to enable/disable silent custodians on all hold notices.

This setting is turned off by default.

If the setting is turned on, hold admins will be able to choose certain hold recipients as silent custodians. If selected to be a silent custodian, the recipient(s) would never receive any form of communication for that particular hold.

In addition, hold admins can specify that a person is a silent custodian on his/her person record. This setting cannot be toggled off at the hold level. If the toggle is enabled, the person will be a silent custodian for all holds.

Important Notes:

  • If a silent custodian is attached to a hold and the hold is sent out, you can change or remove the silent custodian.
  • If a silent custodian is attached to a hold, you can change them to be an active custodian once the hold is sent out.
  • If a hold is sent out without silent custodians, you can change recipients to be a silent custodian.
  • If a silent custodian is designated at the person level, you cannot change the person to an active recipient for a hold.

Set the Flag for to Disable Hold Creation

 If your LegalHold site is integrated with a matter management system, an administrator can enable this setting so that legal holds are only created via the matter management system and synchronized with the Legal Hold application. This setting ensures data integrity from the system of record for matters.

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