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TeamConnect LegalHold Integration 2.1.0 Release Notes


The following features were added:

  • As a hold admin using TeamConnect I want to be able to see more custodian data on the Legalhold screen within the matter inside TeamConnect.  This will help me track all the custodian data between TeamConnect and LegalHold.

Tracking Code: LH-8721


  • In addition to seeing the custodian data on the LegalHold screen within a TeamConnect matter, this grid has a pagination control to navigate through the records if there are many custodians on it.

Tracking Code: LH-9438



  • As a LegalHold admin using TeamConnect I would like to be able to view the number of silent custodians on the matter.  This will help me get a full count of all custodians on the hold.

Tracking Code: LH-9096

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