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LegalHold 2.9.2 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 2.9.2.

Bug Fixes

Issue: Schedules couldn't be properly configured in Export Tool.
When editing the existing configuration in the Export Tool, the changes wouldn’t reflect in the Schedule Task section, a new schedule couldn’t be set, and the existing scheduled task didn’t trigger.
Tracking code: LH-10055

Issue: Error logs were not properly updated in People Upload.
We fixed an issue in which People Upload would list previous error logs not related to the file attachment processed.
Tracking code: LH-11332

Issue: Logs were not properly updated in Early Termination and People Import.
Description: We fixed an issue in which logs from Early Termination and People Import processes would merge into the same file.
Tracking code: LH-11331

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