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LegalHold 1.2.2 Release Notes

This topic outlines features and issue resolutions in LegalHold verison 1.2.2.

How to Read the Release Notes 

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable 
  • Additional information (for features)


Feature: A new global toggle is available in System Settings to allow people to be set as a silent custodian (do not receive hold notifications) at the person level. On the person record, a new toggle for Silent Custodian appears that if enabled, indicates the person should not receive any hold notifications for any hold.
Tracking Code: LH-6437
Additional Detail: If the toggle for silent custodians is enabled on the person record, when added to a hold, the person will default to a silent custodian. This toggle cannot be disabled on the hold level because it is considered a global attribute of the person. 

Feature: People who were not added as silent custodians for an active hold can now be changed to a silent custodian even after the hold notice has been sent out.
Tracking Code: LH-6436
Additional Detail: Enabling the silent custodian toggle for a person has already been sent the hold will cause the hold to be removed from their custodian portal and they will not receive any more correspondence on the hold.

Feature: When editing a hold notice that has already been sent, after making changes and/or adding recipients, users can select Reset to revert the notice to the last sent state.
Tracking Code: LH-6438
Additional Detail: During the modification process, all new recipients that have been added appear in the number of recipients receiving the notice because all recipients will be sent any changes to the notice. After resetting the notice to the previous state, only the new recipients appear in the number of recipients receiving the notice because you are effectively adding them to the original notice to be sent the notification. If only the notice was modified, selecting Reset disables the Send button since there are no changes to be sent to recipients.

Feature: When a person's status is changed to inactive, the Legal Hold Custodian Employment Status Change email digest now lists an internal contact for the person.
Tracking Code: LH-6397
Additional Detail: The Primary Internal Contact is entered on the Hold Summary page.


Improvement: If LegalHold is integrated with a matter management system such as TeamConnect or eCounsel, an administrator can now disable the ability to create holds from the LegalHold application so that new holds are only created in the matter management system.
Tracking Code: LH-6399
Additional Detail: The property to disable new hold creation is located in the System Settings, and impacts the Create Hold button on all pages of the application where the button is available.

Improvement: The "Last Name" field is the default search option for the following pages: People List, Manage Groups, and when adding recipients to a hold on the Manage Holds page.
Tracking Code: LH-6425
Additional Detail: This field will be the default for all users on the above pages.

Improvement: The LegalHold admin role can now view or add groups.
Tracking Code: LH-6428

Improvement: The subject of the email notification when an employee has been deactivated has been changed from "Deactivated Employees on Hold" to  "Legal Hold Custodian Employment Status Change."
Tracking Code: LH-6432
Additional Detail: Any new email notification will have the updated subject.

Improvement: Currently when releasing a hold, the default setting to send emails with the release is toggled to disabled. This option is now toggled to enabled by default.
Tracking Code: LH-6433

Improvement: In System Settings, when saving the customizations to a notice, no save confirmation popup dialog box appears.
Tracking Code: LH-6442
Additional Detail: When saving customizations to a notice, you must now confirm the save and a message will display if the action was successful.

Issue Resolutions

Issue: The Mitratech logo displayed on the following emails: Escalation digest, Custodian Reminder email and digest, and Legal Hold Custodian Employment Status Change email.
Tracking Code: LH-6398
Additional Detail: The LegalHold logo and any customized logo still display on these emails.

Issue: Search on the View History page does not work when a new recipient is added to the hold.
Tracking Code: LH-6424

Issue: For manually created groups, a synchronization with an external Human Resources system to update people removes the people from the manually created group.
Tracking Code: LH-6429
Additional Detail: For any manually created group, a flag is defaulted to enabled to ignore synchronizations from outside integrations.

Issue: The link to the custodian portal that appears on emails for legal staff that are Carbon Copied (CC) on the email returns an error.
Tracking Code: LH-6434
Additional Detail: The link now no longer returns an error, but does not function.

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