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Lawtrac 3.x - Change Legal Team Role on Matter

Article Number 000002243
Title Lawtrac 3.x - Change Legal Team Role on Matter
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Summary Lawtrac Support Article
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To change a Legal Staff member’s role on a matter, please take the following steps: 

  • Access the matter
  • On the right side matter menu, click Corporate Staff
  • Click Legal Team
  • Click Swap Responsibilities (top menu)
  • Choose the current Team Member’s name in PERSON A drop down
  • Choose the Primary role in PERSON B drop down
  • Check the appropriate boxes for your needs
  • Click Process Role Exchange

Note: In order for the Primary role to be available for this individual, their profile must be enabled to Function as a Lead Attorney. This option is found on the user’s Site Access tab of their Legal Staff profile under the Invoice Authorization area. 

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