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Product Updates New - April, 2019

New Product Updates - April, 2019

Here is an overview of the many wonderful updates we are making throughout the application:

Prevailing Wage Search

You can now search for prevailing wage tracking numbers! To do so, head to 'Search' >> 'Case' >> 'Prevailing Wage Tracking Number' (drop-down). You can filter the results based on specific criteria and create output columns that provide value based on your workflow:

Email Template Auto Update

Any changes to email templates in the Knowledge Base will now be reflected in the same template that has been linked to a petition or an automated event. There will be a hyperlink for each individual template showing where the template has been linked.


New Broadcast Module

We've re-designed our Broadcast module to provide enhanced features and flexibility and provide users more options when sending out broadcast emails.

The new features include:

  • More robust recipient list filtering
  • Filtering the recipient list by case type, such as "All open, active H1B case corporations" or "All open H1B and Green Card case clients"
  • Filtering the recipient list by company, date or group, such as "Staff Members at X Corporation" or "Active Individuals with X Priority Date" or "Closed Individuals with X Expiration Date"
  • Uploading a contact list to target specific audiences, such as "New Foreign National Access to the FN Portal"
  • Scheduling messages to send at future dates or intervals
  • Improved message tracking, including viewed rate, failure to send, etc.
  • The ability to select multiple petition types and multiple corporations when filtering

Portal Setup - HQ Capabilities

With our recently released 'Portal Setup' module, which handles configuration of the Corp Portal and Foreign National Portal, we've now included a next-level experience for Headquarter module users. The enhancements greatly reduce any obstacles HQ users had and creates a more seamless experience in managing subsidiaries under a HQ umbrella. These new features include:

  • Selective access for a single corp user across different subsidiary corporations
  • Single portal login for HQ users - no more going to several different logins to access HQ subsidiaries
  • HQ users can now be provisioned 'All' access, or, if required, selective foreign national access can be configured

User Responsibilities

Case manager 'User Responsibilities' are a helpful way to categorize the different case managers that may be participating in the cases of a corporation or individual client. The responsibilities can be identified by going to Setup >> Knowledge Base >> User Responsibilities:

Please Note: These responsibilities are system-driven, and can not be edited.


DocuSign is now integrated with INSZoom, and you don't have to get out of the application to send documents securely!  If you have an account, you can set it up in the Subscriptions module.

Note: DocuSign is only available in the Prospects module.

Subscribe to DocuSign

To enable DocuSign in INSZoom, you must first have a DocuSign account.  Then, mouse-over 'Setup' and:

  • Select 'Subscriptions'
  • Select 'DocuSign'
  • Click 'Subscribe'

Single Sign-on

Any Professional or Enterprise edition organization using INSZoom now has the ability to configure 'Single Sign-on' for their team, or select corporate clients!  Single Sign-on (SSO) lets users access authorized network resources with one login. You can use your own authentication provider to log into your INSZoom account, along with your other SSO-enabled services.

This service is available as an add-on module. To subscribe to SSO, head to 'Setup' >> 'Subscriptions' >> 'Single Sign-on'.

You can choose to configure with either ADFS or SAML authentication provider.

Once SSO has been configured for your organization, a unique URL will be generated that enables your users, whether on your team or from your corporate client, to login without using an ID and password.

Case Manager Portal Search

New to the Case Manager Portal is our 'CMP Search Bar'. This search option will provide quick search access to any individual listed in your system. It's built on an elastic framework, which means that as you start typing it will start populating any results that contain the letters/numbers you've entered.

Search results will be separated by foreign nationals, so whether you search by company name, email or file number, it will populate the foreign national who matches to the data you've entered. Once you've found the person you're looking for, you can click on their name and you will be taken to their profile at the client level.

Note: Search can also be performed on Employee ID and Prospective Employee ID fields (which are present in the client level) , but these wont show up in the search results. Only name, corporation, file number or email address will show for each result.

The search results will also display if the foreign national has been marked as 'Inactive' in the system.

Email Notification Improvements

We’ve made significant changes to case related alert notifications and the receipt number page.

The email alerts interface has been changed so that case managers may receive a notification whenever a receipt number is added to a case or the receipt status is updated. Now, case managers can choose to receive an email notification upon case creation for all cases or only their assigned cases, and to receive an email notification when a receipt number is added or the status is updated for all cases or only their assigned cases.

Receipt Number Updates

We’ve simplified the receipt number interface. Based on the case status, only the appropriate fields will display. For example, if a receipt number is entered and the status of the receipt is approved, then only the fields relating to that approval will appear. If the status is “withdrawn”, then the only fields that will display are those related to that status.

Additionally, if data is edited but the status has not changed, we will no longer automatically send an email to the client.  Users may manually send the information using the 'Save and Email' button.


The notifications will now include more specifics about what changed in the receipt number page. The actual changed status will be reflected in the email notification.

We’re adding more details to the notification as well, including receipt status, RFE dates if the status is RFE, withdrawn information or denial details.

Status Docs Notes

Users will be able to add the Status Docs Notes field to Ad Hoc reports.

Visa Priority Eligibility

Users lose a considerable amount of efficiency and effectiveness by having to manually review and calculate whether an individual is currently 'Visa Priority Filing Eligible'.  Now, the system will calculate their eligibility and display it in the 'Case Details/Dates' section and is available as an output field for reports.


Merged EAD/AP Info Section

We've updated the EAD/AP page to clearly segregate the information specific to these documents.  In the FN profile, select US Immigration info and scroll down to the "EAD/AP Combo Card" section. Click the + icon to expand each section.

Employer Contact Sync - DOL to INSZoom

Case managers may now sync and/or edit the “Employer Contact Information” from DOL website to INSZoom. This information is pulled into the Employer contact section while e-filing ETA-9089 forms.

Prevailing Wage Fields Change

We've moved the "Offered Wage From", "Offered Wage To" and "Offered Wage Per" fields from the subsection “Perm wage rate info” to the subsection “client proposed job info”.  The details can be viewed at FN and Case levels, in the bottom of the 'Job Details' section.

E-file Plugin Update

To improve the e-filing experience, we have updated the Internet Explorer e-file plugin to the latest version (2.2.3). If you are using the old version, please update to the new one.

Google Translator - Canadian Edition Portals

To accomodate the large French speaking population in Canada, we've now enabled Google Translator within the Corporation Portal and the Foreign National Portal. They can switch the main page language to that of their choosing, which will change page information and questionnaire language to the newly selected one.

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