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Product Updates - September, 2020

Product Updates - September, 2020

1. Package for Filing Enhancements

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Package for Filing feature allows case managers to assemble all case documents (such as Forms, Letters, Documents) and prepare a package for filing. The feature will have following enhancements, 

1. Ability to add Corporation and foreign national level supporting documents:

Documents are collected in multiple ways, corporation related documents are collected in Corporation's profile, some of the foreign national documents are collected during assessment stages at Foreign national's profile (not against a case). Package for filing feature now allows to use the documents collected in Corporation's and Foreign national's profile directly rather than attaching to case.

2. Add a page or letter template on-demand

While preparing packages case managers usually add blank pages, addendum pages, exhibit pages as required. Package for Filing feature now allows adding a blank page (word doc) anywhere in the order of documents. This blank page can be kept blank or you can write title or any required text and include it in the package. 

  • If you frequently use certain pages such as Addendum, Exhibits, create them as Letter Template in Knowledge-Base Library (one-time creation). While preparing packages you can now attach these templates on-demand in order you need in the package.
  • If you have not defined any template then you can add a blank page on-demand and edit it as required. These pages will be added in package as well as stored in Case level Letters (MS Word) for further edits.

3. Ability to 'Add All' forms and Letters.

One click "Add All" option is provided to add all Forms and all Letters of a case.

4. View Form, Letter and Documents Status

Forms, Letters and Documents have the preparation status such as "Not Started", "In Draft", " In Review", "Ready for Filing" etc. While preparing package it is important for case manager to know the items that are ready for the package. To aid this, item status is now available against each Form, Letter and Document.

For more details Click here.

2. Add events to Sub-Steps

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional.

Events and Actions feature allows users to automate the workflows with smart actions such as Send Email communication, Update Case Status, Update Workflow Status etc. Case managers had ability to add the events/actions to Case Steps, it is now extended for Sub-Steps.

You can add events to a sub-step from both the Knowledge Base > Petition Types > Reminders/Steps and Case > Status & Reminders/Steps.


3. Forms 4.0 Enhancements

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard

1. Ability to save ‘NA’ or ‘None’ onto the blank fields

To help users address the recent USCIS requirement of not leaving any fields empty, all US immigration forms will now have the ability to save ‘NA’, ‘N/A’, ‘None’, or ‘Unknown’ onto the blank fields. 

With this change, our new forms validation program will support this by applying validations as per USCIS forms however excluding certain USCIS suggested texts such as NA, N/A, None, Unknown from data validations. Our customers can now save USCIS suggested texts in any form field (drop-downs, check-boxes, radio buttons not included). 

This will ensure our users have the advantage of data validations as well as the ability to comply with the USCIS ‘No-blanks policy’.


 2. Turn-off Forms data validations

INSZoom forms replicate data restrictions as applied in the USCIS PDF (Official) forms to ensure forms prepared in INSZoom comply with the USCIS data policies. We have been getting frequent requests from our customers for an ability to input custom texts (as per the Firm's practice) despite the USCIS data restrictions. 

To support these user requests, we are now providing an ability to turn off ‘Data validations’ in INSZoom for a specific case form. This means users will have a switch to turn off Form data validations in INSZoom and can add any custom text as they feel deemed (dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons not included).


This feature to turn off ‘Data validations’ will be exclusive to Forms 4.0.


3. Improved Form Validations

With the August 2020 release, the Form data validation feature was enhanced to improve data integrity, accuracy, and user experience for H-1B application-related forms. Form validations are now On-screen, providing relevant messages when the user moves away from a field while drafting forms.

With the upcoming release, these improved Forms validations will be available for many popular US immigration application types.


4. Exclude feature for Form addendum

INSZoom forms program auto-populates overflowing data to an addendum section providing ability to draft more content on the Government forms.

With Forms 4.0, the addendum section is always available along with the form and is included every time forms are printed. With this release, case manager now has the ability to include/exclude the addendum on-demand for a form.


4. Reports 3.0 Enhancements

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional.

Note: Reports 3.0 is not available for Canada instance of INSZoom yet and will be launched soon.

  1. Client Details Report – 
    • Three education related fields have been added to Client Details Report: School Name, Degree Level, and Field of Study.
    • New fields from "Current Employer Info" section: Cost Center, Division/ Region, Primary Country Code, Company Code, Business Unit, Relocation Support, Level 1 Manager, Level 2 Manager, Level 3 Manager, Level 4 Manager, Level 5 Manager, CEO’s Direct Report, Relocation System ID.
  2. Corporation LCA Report – LCA Report now has a new report on all LCAs managed for a Corporation or all Corporations.
  3. LCA Management Card - Case managers and HRs/Corp Users now can view LCA status chart report in Corporation Reports dashboard.
  4. Client Status- Default client status is changed to active in all client related reports. You can run the report on "Inactive" clients on-demand.
  5. Milestone Report – View case milestone-based progress and insights. (Note: Milestone Insights is available only for Enterprise edition customers of INSZoom)





5. Global Framework is Updated with New Zealand Forms and Questionnaires

Applicable Editions: Enterprise.

We are extending our global reach by adding forms and questionnaires for following New Zealand Immigration Applications (available on Sep 09, 2020)



6. PERM Process Module Enhancements

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional.

PERM process module now has following intelligence.

a) 180th day for filing - This field value will be auto filled by adding 180 days to the date entered for the field ‘Date of first recruitment placed’.

b) First day to file - This field value will be auto filled by adding 30 days to the date entered for the field ‘Date of first recruitment placed’.

c) Recruitment Report Deadline Date - This field value will be auto filled to be same as the date of ‘Anticipated filing date’.

d) PERM Expiration Date - This field value will be auto filled by adding 180 days to the date entered for the field ‘Date PERM Approved/Certified’.

e) SOC Lookup - You can now look up the SOC code in PERM process module using O-Net Online.


7. Foreign National (FN) Portal Updates

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional.

1. To-Dos/Tasks Section - This section has 2 blocks "Task to complete" and "To-Dos". Firms use either of these. To simplify the access for Foreign National, respective block will be in open state only if there is anything assigned to the Foreign national.
2. US Important Documents and Dates - US Immigration documents are segregated in 2 sections Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Documents.
3. US Foreign National (FN) Profile -  File # and Alien # fields have been added to the Profile.


8. Other Minor Enhancements

a) New USA Zoom-Defined Petition Templates

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional.

The following Petition templates are added to the Zoom-Defined Petitions Library.

  1. Special Immigrants: Juvenile (I-360)
  2. Special Immigrants: Juvenile with Adjustment of Status (I-360 & I-485)
  3. Special Immigrants: VAWA with Adjustment of Status (I-360 & I-485)
  4. Affidavit of Support (I-134)
  5. Request for Reduced Fee (I-942)
  6. Application for a Stay of Deportation or Removal (I-246)

b) One-Time-Password (OTP) Enhancements

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional.

OTP code has been changed to a 6-digit numeric code (instead of alpha-numeric) for simplicity.


c) Present Employer Details under Job details (Foreign National Level)

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard.

The Present Employer section is moved from the Miscellaneous section and it will be available in the Job details section.


d) Alien Number added to the Relative section list.

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard.

The column for Alien Number is added to the relative list section next to the File Number column.

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