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Product Updates - October to December 2021


1. Pre-registration Readiness for H-1B FY-2023

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: USA

Applicable Environment: Users on INSZoom Cloud

Anticipating the H-1B FY-2023 Cap, the H-1B Registration module in INSZoom is now being enabled for FY-2023 pre-registration readiness with the features from FY-2021 and FY-2022.

Using the INSZoom H-1B Registration module, case managers can now start the data-collection preparation with their corporate clients taking advantage of the Data collection excel template and the Import Beneficiaries feature.

Download the data collection excel template from INSZoom > Setup > Help > Downloads >  INSZoom Help Files > H-1B Cap Electronic Registration Data Collection Template. Click here to learn more about the INSZoom H-1B Registration Module.

Note: USCIS is yet to announce the H-1B registration period for FY-2023. Supporting the data transfer (e-filing) from INSZoom to the H-1B Registration Portal requires additional programming efforts, and can only be assessed after USCIS officially opens the registrations for H-1B FY-2023. INSZoom will send a follow-up communication when more details are available.


2. Ability to configure ‘CC’ and ‘Reviewer’ for automated To-Dos

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: All Countries

Case managers now have the ability to pre-configure the parties to be included in the ‘CC’ field and ‘Reviewer’, for all To-dos configured via the Step Event automation.

Previously, these options were only available only for To-Dos assigned manually/on-demand.


3. Reports 3.0 Updates

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: USA

a. Enhancement to Visa Bulletin Reports 

As part of the September release, INSZoom introduced a new column 'Eligibility as per Previous Visa Bulletin' to the 'Current month's Visa Bulletin Report' which marks the FN profiles as 'Eligible" if they were Current as per the previous month's Visa Bulletin.

With this release, the following improvements are added to the Visa Bulletin Reports:-

  1. ‘Eligible’ status in column 'Eligibility as per Previous Visa Bulletin', is further enhanced to include the related source chart from the Visa Bulletin with the following values :
    • Eligible - Final action
    • Eligible - Filing Visa Application
    • Eligible - Final action, Filing Visa Application
  2. Upcoming month's Visa Bulletin Report as well now includes eligibility status as per the previous visa bulletin.

b. Timer Report available in Reports 3.0

'Timer Report' is now included in Reports 3.0 (under Detailed Reports category), which was previously available only for Reports 1.0,

This report includes timers from FN, Cases, and Corporation levels. Case managers will now have the ability to report on the time spent while taking advantage of the extended features included in the Report 3.0 framework. 


c. Enhancement to Document Expiration Report

This release brings out the following enhancements to the 'by Document' view of the Document Expiration Report in Report 3.0 

  1. A new column 'Document Status Type' is introduced in the Document Expiration Report. This column will show data from the Status field for all applicable Documents.  
  2. A new column 'Main Applicant's Corporation Case Manager' is available, which will help to identify the responsible Corporation Case Manager related to the Main Applicant directly from the report.


d. Enhancement to Billing Dashboard Reports

Billing Dashboard Reports now have an improved date range selection. INSZoom Billing reports such as Invoice Details, Payment Summary, Payment Status reports will now also have a quick selection of date range options like; Last 7 Days, 15 Days, 30 Days, and 60 Days, along with the option to select Custom Date Range. The Custom Date Range now supports the ability to report on any past transactions as long as the From and To dates of the transaction is within a 4 year period. 


4. Knowledge-base updates 

a. Updates to Zoom-defined USA Petition Templates

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard

Applicable Country Subscription: USA

As part of the product content maintenance (Part of the Oct-2021 release), we have updated the following Zoom-defined USA Petition templates. The update includes the latest Forms/Questionnaires, Document Checklist, and Petition Steps.


Petition Template Name


Replace/Issue I-94 Arrival/Departure Record (I-102)


BIA Appeal from Decision of USCIS Officer (EOIR-29)


Replace/Renew Permanent Resident Card (I-90)


Motion to Reconsider or Reopen Decision by USCIS (I-290B)


Fee Waiver Request (I-912)


Appeal from Decision under INA 245A/210 (I-694)


Waiver of Passport and/or Visa Application (I-193)


Suspension of Deportation/Cancellation of Removal (NACARA) (I-881)


J-1 Waiver of 2 yr Requirement - IGA (non-physician) (DS-3035)


J-1 Waiver of 2 yr Requirement - IGA (physician) (DS-3035)


Appeal to Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU) (I-290B)


Citizenship & Issuance of Certificate Under INA 322 (N-600K)


b. New Status Document for Indonesia

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: Indonesia

A new Status Document - ‘RPTKA (Hiring Plan)’ is now available. This document can be used to track the validity of the RPTKA for Foreign Nationals.

To enable the Status Doc, go to Knowledge-base > Country Details > Indonesia > (scroll down to) Add/Remove Documents > select RTPKA (Hiring Plan).




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