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Product Updates - October 2022

1. End of Support for Basic Authentication in INSZoom Calendar Sync 

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: All Countries

Following Microsoft’s end of support and deprecation guidelines, INSZoom no longer supports basic authentication for Calendar Sync using Microsoft Exchange Calendars starting September 30, 2022.

Microsoft officially announced end of support for basic authentication in September 2021. Effective October 1, 2022, Microsoft is deprecating the ability to use basic authentication for Exchange Online.

What does this mean to your Firm?

If your Firm is subscribed to Zoom Calendar Sync and you are using the ‘Exchange Calendar’ application type, you were previously prompted to provide your email address and password to authenticate and grant INSZoom access to your Exchange Calendar while setting up Calendar Sync.

Starting September 30, 2022, this basic authentication is replaced with modern authentication. All Zoom Calendar Sync users in your Firm will need to re-authenticate using modern authentication to continue syncing their Exchange Calendar with INSZoom.

How to prepare for this change?

a. Review resources from Mitratech and Microsoft to prepare for this change.

b. With modern authentication implemented, your Microsoft IT administrator is required to grant consent to your Exchange Calendar before it syncs with the INSZoom Calendar. This means you will need to work offline with your Microsoft IT administrator to determine the preferred method for granting admin consent. This is an important step and Mitratech recommends reviewing this with your Microsoft IT administrator ahead of the change scheduled for September 30, 2022.

Learn more about this change here

Note: This change is not applicable if your Firm is using the Zoom Calendar Sync feature to sync events with Google Calendar and you may ignore this message.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please review this Microsoft article pertaining to the deprecation of basic authentication and reach out to your IT administrator for additional help.

2. Reports 3.0 Updates 

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: All Countries

Applicable Environment: For Users on INSZoom Cloud

a. Candidate / Prospective Employee Id included in several reports

With this release, the following reports will consistently include the Candidate / Prospective Employee Id as part of the report output

Report Title
Foreign National Details
Case Status
H-1B Registration
Case Expirations (Expirations Card)
Document Expirations (Expirations Card)
Expiration Report (View by Document)
Expiration Report (View by Client)
Eligibility from Visa Bulletin (Current, Upcoming)
Priority Dates
Life Cycle

b. Update to 'Questionnaire' report

The following fields are now added to the Questionnaire report to further enhance the management of assigned questionnaires. 

  • To-do Reviewer
  • Reference File Number

c. Update to Case step reminder report (Upcoming case activity)

Case step reminder report currently includes, 'Next Step to be completed' but doesn't provide visibility on the estimated due date for the next step to be completed. With this release, 'Next Step to be completed Date' is added to the Case step reminder report. 

3. 'H-1B Registration- Fiscal Year' as an input filter in Ad-hoc Reports 

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: United States

With this release, 'H-1B Registration - Fiscal Year' from H-1B Registration Module is included as an input filter in ad-hoc reports. 

4. Global Framework is updated with UK Questionnaires  

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: United Kingdom

INSZoom Global Framework library is included with additional questionnaires for the following UK Immigration applications.

SN Form ID Form/Questionnaire Name Country Support
1 NA UK WORK VISA ASSIGNEE QUESTIONNAIRE (Leave to Remain - Inside the UK) United Kingdom Questionnaire only
2 NA UK WORK VISA ASSIGNEE QUESTIONNAIRE (Entry Clearance - Outside the UK) United Kingdom Questionnaire only

5. Updates to SOC Codes(All Industries) Library

Applicable Editions: All editions

Applicable Country Subscription: United States

Mitratech completed updating the SOC code library in INSZoom with the 2018 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes for the 'All Industries' category in line with the recent implementation of 2018 SOC codes by the Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) Data Center. 

These 2018 SOC codes (for 'All Industries' category) are available for use in the INSZoom Questionnaires and to subsequently efile applications to the PERM and FLAG systems. 

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