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Product Updates - October, 2019

Features to be released on Oct 2019

New Features to be released on Oct 14 2019


Enhancements to following features will be released on Oct 14 2019.

  1. Questionnaires feature for Case managers, Foreign nationals and Corp users (All editions)
  2. Search feature in Case Manager portal (Enterprise and Pro editions only)
  3. HR Portal changes (Enterprise and Pro editions only)


1. Questionnaire Interface Changes (All editions)

What is the change?

Questionnaire interface is upgraded to improve time it takes to fill a questionnaire and improve overall experience with following changes.

  • Removed multiple popups
  • Reduced number of clicks
  • Provided all data sections visibility and progress to the user
  • Improve overall navigation
  • User can now mark a section as “Not Applicable” and skip

How it works?

  • When user clicks on Questionnaire from anywhere, it will open in Edit mode with new interface.
  • Applicant and/or relatives whose information is asked in questionnaire will show up as individual tabs with their respective questions/fields.
  • Left side will show all data sections and completion progress. User can navigate to any section as per need.
  • Right side will show the selected section
  • User can fill one section at a time.
  • User can use navigation buttons to access different data sections.
  • Click on Preview to view and print questionnaire as one view.
  • Click on Quit to exit the process.
  • If certain data section does not apply to user, then user has ability to mark the section as “Not applicable, skip the section”.
  • Preview option continues to work the old way.


2. Updated Search Feature (Enterprise and Pro editions only)

What does it offer?

Type ahead search to find any of the following records with selected searchable fields.

  1. Corporation
  2. Corp User
  3. Client
  4. Case
  5. Prospective client
  6. Prospective corporation
  • Universally available - Located on top throughout the application.
  • Easy to use like any other search engines
  • Faster than traditional search
  • Ability to view results as Cards or Grid

How does it work?

Search box is available in top bar of the application. It can search for following record types.

     - Corporation

     - Client (Foreign National)

     - Case

     - Corp User

     - Prospective Client

     - Prospective Corporation

  Search results will show up in drop-down pane.

  • User can access the detailed search by clicking on Search > Advance Search in left navigation menu.
  • User can search within any of these record types at a time.
  • User can choose a specific record type and search records of selected type.
  • Search results can be viewed in
  • Card view – It is default view
  • Grid or List view
  • User can navigate to important features of a record using the context menu

Quick add option is provided for each record to add things like notes, questionnaires, letters etc.


3. HR Portal Updates (Enterprise and Pro editions only)

What is the change?

Following enhancements are done to HR Portal

  1. Show Background tab in Employee view.
  2. Show corporation primary contacts in Employee view.
  3. Show case managers attached to each case in Employee view.
  4. Add “Annual Salary”, “Rehire Date”, “Termination Date” fields to “Job Info” section in Employee view. Provide an ability to show/hide “Annual Salary” field in HRP.
  5. Show color-coded status in case steps.

How it works?

  • In order to provide relevant information to corp users, following data sections and fields are added to HRP.
  • Background data section (tab) is added in employee profile.This section is “out of the box” or system defined tab and cannot be customized using Portal Setup. It shows following data
  1. Education
  2. Employment History
  3. Past Addresses
  • In Employee view > Job Info section following fields are added.
  1. Annual Salary – This is restricted field and will show up only if case manager enables it for a given corporation in “Portal Setup”.
  2. Rehire Date
  3. Termination Date
  • In order to let corp users know who their firm contacts are and ease collaboration, “Primary Firm Contact” section is added on top right side of Employee view. It will list the case managers marked as “Primary Contact” by firm for that corporation. “Case Managers” working on case (receiving reminders) will show up in case list of Employee view.
  • If firm allows access to view case steps to corp user, step status will show up in following color codes
  1. Green – Completed
  2. Gray – Not Started
  3. Gray – Not Applicable
  4. Yellow -Work in progress


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