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Product Updates - May 2020

This article gives an overview of the product enhancements released in May 2020. (Released on May 9-10 2020)

1. Storage Subscription and Usage Details

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

SuperUsers/ Administrators can now manage firm's overall storage subscription and view current storage usage report in Setup > Subscriptions > Storage 

Add more storage 

  • in an ‘a la carte’ fashion when needed or 
  • upgrade to unlimited storage and make INSZoom as storage drive for all your case documents.

Click here to know more details.


2. Disabling a Case Manager – Updating Billable License Count

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard Edition.

INSZoom SuperUsers now have the flexibility to adjust the billable license count while disabling the user (Case Manager) account.

Click here to know more details about this feature.


3. Print format for e-Consent documents

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional with e-Consent Subscription.

Firm Staff (Case Managers), Foreign Nationals, Corp Users can now print e-Consent document with acceptance details.

Click here to know more about e-Consent feature.

4. Reports 3.0 - Employment-Based Revenue Opportunity Report

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Identify new business/revenue opportunities with a smart Employment-Based Revenue Opportunity Report. You can find this report in Reports 3.0 > Partner/Manager Reports.

It supports Case Managers by proactively providing options of possible new cases that can be opened for the foreign nationals based on their current visa status and expiration details. For example, in cases where the US visa is expiring within twelve months, it will automatically recommend creating the specific visa extension cases for those foreign nationals. For the foreign nationals in the US with H or L visa status, the report will recommend opening a new Green card case for the foreign nationals.

Click here to know more details about Reports 3.0

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