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Product Updates - January, 2021

Product Updates - January, 2021

1. Ability to change Sponsor for Family-Based Cases:

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard

In line with the existing feature for employment-based cases, case managers will now have the ability to change the sponsor for a family-based case any time after a case is created.

This can help case managers to adjust the case-sponsor after a case is initiated; without having to create a new case.

To change the case-sponsor, navigate to the Case Profile and click on 'Change Sponsor' in the header section to choose a new sponsor.



2. Updates to the Foreign National Passport Section:

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard

A. Fields moved from Passport section to FN Profile:

As part of the profile rationalization, the following fields are being moved from the Passport section to Foreign National Profile;

  1. Date of Birth

  2. City/Town/village of Birth

  3. State of Birth

  4. Country of Birth

  5. Alien Number

B. New Field Labels:

Existing Field Label

New Field Label

Issuance Place

Place where the passport was issued

Issuance State

State where the passport was issued

Issuance Country

Country where the passport was issued


3. Improvement to the Foreign National document upload interface

File upload feature using Email link (for Foreign nationals/Corporation users) is improved; 

  • Easy access/view of file upload zone
  • Prompt to ‘Save’ as soon as a file is chosen for upload or user click ’Cancel’ with an unsaved document in the drop-zone. 



4. Reports 3.0 Updates

A. Expiration Report (For United States of America)

‘Documents Expiring’ is now available as an additional filter for the expiration report. This will help Case managers in reporting expirations for a specific document.


B. Foreign National Details Report

Following fields related to Foreign National’s proposed Job are now added to the Foreign National Details Report output. 

  • Proposed Job salary, Proposed Job title, Proposed Job SOC Code, Proposed Job Wage level

C. Nurse Report (For United States of America)

Following fields related to Foreign National’s Nurse Info(License Info) are now added to the Nurse Report output. 

  • Country of Issue, Name of Nursing Board, Cost of License Verification, License Number, Date of Expiration, Full Name as appears on License
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