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Product Updates - February 2021

1. H-1B Registration Module for FY-2022

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: USA


Anticipating the H-1B FY-2022 Cap, the H-1B Registration module in INSZoom is now being enabled for FY-2022 pre-registration readiness with the features from FY-2021.

Using the INSZoom H-1B Registration module, case managers can now start the data-collection preparation with their corporate clients taking advantage of the Data collection excel template and the Import Beneficiaries feature.

Download the data collection excel template from INSZoom > Setup > Help > Downloads >  INSZoom Help Files > H-1B Cap Electronic Registration Data Collection Template. Click here to learn more about the INSZoom H-1B Registration Module.

E-Filing option for H-1B Registration will not be available until the registrations are opened by USCIS. As per the latest announcement from USCIS, the initial registration period for the fiscal year (FY) 2022 H-1B cap will open at noon Eastern on March 9 and run through noon Eastern on March 25.



2. Ability to Delete Main Case Receipt

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Standard

Applicable Country Subscription: All countries


Case managers will now have ability to delete the main receipt for a case in-line with the existing ability to delete additional case receipts.

Please note that the main case receipt includes important case fields such as Filed, Approved dates, etc. Deleting the main receipt for a case will delete the following case related fields;

  • Date Sent to Govt. Agency/Filed Date
  • Approved On
  • Approval Received by Firm On
  • Approval Valid From
  • Approval Valid Till
  • Denial Date
  • Withdrawn Date

*For Canada applications, the above update refers to Case > Identification Numbers in INSZoom. 



3. Report 3.0: Added Visa Details Report

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: All countries


Shows all the details related to Foreign national's Visas issued for a country including its validity and other important details along with a World map visualization similar to the citizenship report. This new report will be available under HR/Corporation Dashboard of Reports 3.0.



4. Updates to Country List in INSZoom Application

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional and Standard

Applicable Country Subscription: All countries


Following Countries are removed from the list of countries in INSZoom as per ISO list of countries.

  1. Serbia And Montenegro as a single country will be removed from the list of countries in INSZoom. However, Serbia and Montenegro as two unique countries already exist in the list of countries in INSZoom and will continue with no change.  
  2. France Metropolitan will be removed from the list of countries in INSZoom.
  3. Northern Ireland will be removed from the list of countries in INSZoom.
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