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Product Updates - August 2022

1. Reports 3.0 Updates 

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

 Applicable Environment: Users on the INSZoom Cloud

 a. Enhancement to '21 Yr. Age out' Report

Applicable Country Subscription: USA

'21 Years Age out' Report in Report 3.0 is enhanced to provide effective tracking of FNs who would be turning 21 years. Three new columns are added to the 'Age out' report. With these improvements, the date when the FN turns 21 years and the days remaining to turn 21 years are calculated which helps in keeping track of their immigration compliance.

Columns Added:

  • Date of birth

  • Turns 21 yr. on

  • Days before turning 21 years

b. Fields added to Document Expiration Report

Applicable Country Subscription: All Countries

The 'Expiration Report' in Report 3.0 is enhanced with this release. New columns 'Document Number' and 'Place of Issue' are included in the Expiration Report for all global countries. These columns will fetch data from the Status docs for all applicable documents. 

If reporting country is United States, these columns are available in the 'Expiration' Report under 'View By Document' tab.

2. Ad-hoc Reports Updates

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: All Countries

a. Document Number & Place of Issue from Status Docs are now reportable in Ad-hoc Reports 

Prior to this update, Document Number and Place of Issue for a status document were reportable only for Hong Kong status docs.


With this update, the above columns will be replaced with 'Status Document Number' and 'Status Document Place of Issue' and will be reportable for all global countries and applicable status documents.


b. Petition Specific Custom fields are now reportable in Ad-hoc Reports

Prior to this update, only default custom fields are reportable in Ad-hoc reports. With this release, Ad-hoc reports are enhanced to include 'Petition Type Custom Field' and 'Specific Custom Field' to be part of the reporting scope.


3. Status Docs updates  

a. Enhancements to UAE status docs

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: United Arab Emirates

With this release, 'Document Number' field is added to 'Work Permit' and 'ID Document' status docs for United Arab Emirates.

b. Enhancements to Singapore status docs

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: Singapore

(i) To extend the scope of status tracking for Singapore, below status documents are added under Knowledge Base > Country details > Status docs.

  1. Training Employment Pass
  2. Long Term Visit Pass
  3. Letter of Consent
  4. Letter of Consent (Secondary Directorship)
  5. Pre-approved Letter of Consent
  6. Work Holiday Pass
  7. Tech Pass

(ii) Below fields are added to existing Singapore status docs.

Status doc Fields added
Employment Pass
  • Place of Issue
  • Comments
Dependant's Pass
  • Place of Issue
  • Comments
ID Document
  • Document Number
  • Comments

4. Forms and Questionnaire Updates 

a. Updates to questionnaire for Form 4A

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: Singapore

Mitratech updated Zoom defined questionnaire for Singapore, 'FORM4A: Application for Permanent Residence in Singapore for Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers'.

5. Global Framework is updated with Canada Forms and Questionnaires 

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: Canada

We are enhancing our Global Framework library with additional forms and questionnaires for the following Canada Immigration Application.


Form ID

Form/Questionnaire Name


CIT 002

Application for Canadian Citizenship – Adults



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