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Product Updates - January, 2020

January Product Updates 2020

Employer Contact Details in DOL Website

Previously, employer contact details that had been entered with the DOL were stored and, even if the contact details had changed, the old details were overriding the new information when the form data was entered in the DOL website.

We've changed this so now you have the ability to review the employer details as shown in DOL website, and select to use the existing details or to update them in real time.

Update to Country Names

For drop-down and other fields where country name is required, the United States of America will now be listed as such. Previously, it was only United States. This also will update auto-population in forms to United States of America instead of United States.


Canada Express Entry Updates

The two current Canadian Express Entry Process Modules: 'Federal Skill Trades Program' and 'Federal Skill Workers Program', have been removed to leave only one Express Entry Process Module.

Additionally, the following sections have been removed:

  • Eligibility Check Fields
  • Skilled Traders Minimum Eligibility
  • Quebec-selected Skilled Workers


  • 'PNP Certificate' has been added as a new tab

The following Status Docs have been created:

  • Express Entry Profile
  • PNP Certificate - Provincial Nomination Program
  • ITA - Invitiation To Apply
  • PR - Permanent Residency

The following Alerts & Reminders have been created:

  • Express Entry Profile
  • PNP Certificate
  • ITA
  • PR


Client Portal Updates

The following changes have been made to the Corporation Portal (also known as HR Portal):

  • The profile field 'Candidate ID' has been relabeled to 'Candidate/Prospective Employee ID'
  • Contact phone number now displays if a phone number is 'Mobile'
  • The term 'Signer' has been changed to 'Signatory'


Document Upload Notification Enhancement

Emails sent to notify that a document has been uploaded now have the following details included them:

  • Who uploaded the document
  • Who the document is for
  • When it was uploaded
  • Contact info
  • Individual document names
  • Document descriptions
  • Document folder
  • Document type/size

This will provide more value to each notification and add context to the document upload activity within your organization. Example:

I-20 Status Doc + STEM Eligibility

To optimize data entry across different data fields, we've merged the STEM Eligibility section into the I-20 Status Doc.

 The subsection 'STEM Eligibility' under 'US Immigration' at the client level will be moved into the I-20 status doc. By visiting 'STEM Eligibility' you'll see a notice stating the change and providing a hyperlink to go straight to the 'Doc Expiration' section, where Status Docs are located. Within an I-20 status doc you'll find the STEM Eligibility fields.  


Text Editor Improvements

The following improvements were added to the text editor for emails, templates, etc.:

  • Maintain source formatting when copy/pasting the data into email templates and while composing new email
  • Display the font size in standard Pt font size instead of Px in email templates
  • Calibri font type option now available under 'My E-Mail' Editor preference  
  • Font type options now displayed in their related font under 'My E-Mail Editor' preference (similar to email templates)
  • Font size now displayed in standard Pt font size instead of Px in 'My E-Mail Editor' preference
  • Now the sender email formatting will remain as it was configured when received by recipient
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