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Accepting Online Payments using LawPay

INSZoom uses “Accept Payments” feature of LawPay. This allows INSZoom to seamlessly connect to LawPay gateway, making it simple to accept online payments for the invoices. Using INSZoom billing module Law firms can request customers to pay online or their staff can process it online over a phone call with the customer.


Key Benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency – Users can pay online as well as payments are logged directly in the system.
  • Increased Profitability – Reduction on manual effort and time can be utilized to focus on clients and business.
  • Delightful experience – Make the customer experience delightful, seamless, error-free and collaborative.
  • Increased Security – With online payments there is no need to share credit card information.


How to get started?

First, set up the subscription to online payments in INSZoom, and then link your payment gateway provider - LawPay.

Navigate to Subscriptions > Integrations > Online Payments > click the ‘Subscribe’ button and select LawPay as the payment gateway.

Subscription request for Online Payments will be sent to INSZoom accounts. They will reach out to confirm your subscription and turn on this service for your Organization.




Activate LawPay gateway

Once online payments subscription is enabled, the next step is to activate the LawPay Gateway. Use the ‘Activate’ button in Subscriptions > Integrations > Online Payments > ‘LawPay’ section. A pop up will appear to have you login to your LawPay account. Login to your LawPay account (if not already logged in) and select ‘Authorize’. As part of this setup, you can choose from the list of accepted credit cards to receive payments.

You are all set to use LawPay Gateway.


How to receive payments using Lawpay?

While emailing invoices to your clients from INSZoom Billing, enable ability for clients to pay online. Select the payment method to receive online payment in Invoice email compose screen > ‘Accept Online Payments using’:


If Lawpay is selected as the method to accept online payments, your clients will be able to pay online for the emailed invoices.



Alternatively, Invoice can also be sent to Payer for Payments by assigning a To-do. FN/ HR will be able to make payments online from their respective portals for assigned Invoices. 

Once client makes the payment, it is logged in Lawpay as well as in INSZoom > Invoice > Payment History section.


Alternatively, case manager can also accept the payment directly from Invoice > Accept Credit Card section. It allows you to choose LawPay as payment gateway.





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