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Introducing Broadcast 3

Broadcast Message

Introducing Broadcast 3.0

We've revamped broadcast messaging to better serve your needs!


We've re-designed our Broadcast module to provide enhanced features and flexibility and provide users more options when sending out broadcast emails.

The new features include:

  • More robust recipient list filtering
  • Filtering the recipient list by case type, such as "All open, active H1B case corporations" or "All open H1B and Green Card case clients"
  • Filtering the recipient list by company, date or group, such as "Staff Members at X Corporation" or "Active Individuals with X Priority Date" or "Closed Individuals with X Expiration Date"
  • Uploading a contact list to target specific audiences, such as "New Foreign National Access to the FN Portal"
  • Scheduling messages to send at future dates or intervals
  • Improved message tracking, including viewed rate, failure to send, etc.
  • Advanced features such as HTML, using images and hyperlinks
  • The ability to select multiple petition types and multiple corporations when filtering
  • Auto-archiving sent messages older than 6 months
  • Filtering archived records by Last 1, 3 & 6 months

Overview of the workspace

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Organization Tools>Broadcast>

The default view of the Broadcast module is the list of all broadcast messages.  Users may view:

  • the broadcast details by clicking on the message name
  • the status of the broadcast
  • the sent or scheduled send date
  • and resend, edit or delete a broadcast

Users may filter the list using the drop down menu at the top left.  Options are to

  • View All
  • View Only Sent
  • View Drafts
  • View Only Scheduled
  • View Only Archived
  • View Only Failed

Choosing Recipients

Users can choose recipients from :

  • All Contacts
  • All Foreign Nations with Specific Petitions
  • Specific Corporations
  • Imported List (Note: you may only email contacts that are already in INSZoom)

Once you select a recipient type, you can further filter by:

  • All Corporate Users
  • All Corporation Foreign Nationals
  • All Individual Foreign Nationals
  • Prospective Corporations
  • Prospective Clients
  • All Case Managers
  • Active or Inactive contacts

Create a New Broadcast Message

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Organization Tools>Broadcast>New Message

To create a broadcast message, click New Message from the Broadcast Messages page.

  • Select your recipients
  • Create a Subject line
  • Create a message or use a message template
  • Schedule or Send the broadcast

Edit a Scheduled Broadcast

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Organization Tools>Broadcast>Edit

Any Broadcast that is in "scheduled" status may be edited.  

  • Click Edit next to the message.
  • Make any changes to the message, attachments, dates, recipients or schedule, then click Save.

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