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INSZoom: Document Management

Digital Docs is Now Document Management

Our new Dropbox influenced interface is easier to use!


Document Management – Client level

New Features

  • New look and feel for Digital Docs
  • Opens in a New Tab
  • Drag and Drop Uploader
  • Use of Tags
  • Document Status
  • Document Access
  • Edit Document Details
  • Multi-Select and change Documents

New Look and Feel

We’ve re-designed the Digital Docs section of the Client Module to look and feel more like Dropbox.  The new docs page will open in a new tab.  Users may simply drag documents from their computer to the "dropzone".  The Browse link is still available as part of the dropzone navigation.


Tagging Documents

Another new feature is tagging. Instead of creating a folder for each document or image, users can assign up to 6 tags to each document for easier filtering and searching. INSZoom has created a list of tags compiled from our industry clients.  Click the + icon to add additional tags.  A tag can be removed by clicking on the cross-mark (x) in the tag.



Tags are classified by country. Country-specific tags only appear at case level.  At client level all the tags will be shown.

Document Status

Documents now have an individual status. There are 3 options:

  • Accept - locks the document, preventing anyone but the case manager from making changes
  • Pending Review - default status upon upload
  • Need Clarification – Document has been reviewed and requires follow up

To see a document's status, click on the document's expand link in the checklist:


Document Access

Users may control access to each document individually.   From the document details section, click the Access icon to add or remove access.


Multi-Select and Change Document Access

Users may now select multiple documents and change access in bulk. In the documents workspace, elect the forms using the check box on the left, then use the Access link to select who has access.


Document Details

Users may edit the document information such as:

  • File name
  • File description
  • File access Tags
  • Case Details


Actions that can be performed on each document

Apart from viewing and editing the document details, we have provided access to:

  • Attach the document to an email
  • Print the document.
  • Download the document
  • Delete the document

  • See the activity log for the document
  • Documents can be emailed or downloaded into a zip file.  

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