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Forms 4.0 Video Tutorial

Forms 4.0 Video Tutorial

An all-new improved way of managing, collaborating and working on your case forms.

Forms are a core part of the Immigration case preparation process and the most used feature in the INSZoom case management system. Forms 4.0 is designed to improve your case preparation efficiency by introducing forms workflow, status management and better transparency on the Form data population.


Features and Benefits

  • Improved Interface - Simplified and efficient management of case forms
  • Status and workflow for Forms - Improved efficiency, visibility, and better collaboration
  • Enlarged forms view area - Magnify views when drafting or reviewing case form
  • Stakeholder Management for Forms - Improved transparency for case managers regarding form data source and accuracy in form preparation
  • Integrated Form utilities/ tools - Aid efficient form preparation and collaboration
  • In-app Case Document access - Refer Case documents for all Stakeholders while preparing the forms without leaving the Forms interface.
  • Find and Replace fields - Find any character to update with a new value or populate, ‘NA’, or ‘None’ onto the blank fields
  • Full functional Activity Log - Managing the Who, What, and When for the form’s operational transactions.

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