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December Product Updates

December Product Updates

1. Portal Setup - HQ Update

With the launch of our new Portal Setup Module, we've updated the HQ user experience to match the corp user experience within the Corporation Portal, however still including the additional HQ features. Here's an overview of the update:

  • Reports will provide any enabled adhoc report with data on any linked HQ corporation.
  • Search will work across all HQ linked corporations.
  • The HQ menu is included with existing Corporation Portal left menu options.

**This update requires that any active HQ user be re-invited to corp portal. This can be done within the Portal Setup Module by creating a new role for a specific corporation and marking it as having HQ user access.

2. Case Manager Portal Updates

  • We've added e-Consent and 'Proposed Job Locations' to the Corporation profile details. This can be configured by going to Corporation >> Details >> Customize.

  • We've added e-Consent history as an option for the foreign national profile page. This can be configured by going to Foreign National >> Profile >> Customize.

  • We've added the ability to copy the address from several different options for the foreign national 'Personal Info' section.


  • When adding a new foreign national to a corporation, the designation of whether the corporation is 'Employer and Sponsor' or just 'Sponsor' is now a required field. Previously, it defaulted to 'Employer and Sponsor'. The 'i' icon provides explanations of the difference between the two options.

  • We've added two new adhoc outputs for reporting: 'Case Wages/Salary Offered' and 'Foreign National Wages/Salary Offered'. These fields correspond to their respective fields in the 'Proposed Jobs' section at both the case and foreign national level.

3. Task Management Interface Update

We've now matched the user interface for an emailed task (document upload, questionnaires, review form, etc.) so the experience is the same whether they receive the task via the email access link or if they access the task within the Foreign National Portal or Corporation Portal.



4. Perm Check Status

The 'Check Status' feature for PERM receipts has now been upgraded within Chrome browsers to provide more reliability.

A similar upgrade will be coming soon for Internet Explorer.


5. PDF Addendum Headers Fix

Some form addendum's, that have multiple pages, were supplying a header on the first addendum page but not on subsequent pages. This has been fixed so that the header shows on all addendum pages.


6. Canadian CRS Update

We've updated our Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for our Canadian users. This update includes the following:

  • The 'CRS Assessment Tool', located in the left menu of the client and case level, now includes a new sub menu item titled 'View Score History' which shows the CRS score found in the CIC website.
  • A new tab titled 'Assessments' is included in the Foreign National Portal and the Corporation Portal. This will contain the scores achieved in the CIC for a given foreign national.


7. CIC Identification Numbers Enhancement

New enhancements have been made for our Canadian edition. They are:

  • Individual identification numbers can now be stored within the applicant-level details and can be used to check the application status by connecting to the CIC website.
  • Identification number will also be shown within the Foreign National Portal and Corporation Portal, which also allow for checking the application status within the CIC.

8. Quebec Provincial Forms for Canada

Here's the list of Quebec Provincial forms that are available in our Canadian Professional and Enterprise Editions:

A-0520-VF: Déclaration sur les valeurs communes de la société québécoise

A-1520-LF: Documents à soumettre à l’appui de la demande de Certificat de sélection du Québec en ligne

A-1520-FF: Demande pour faire venir au Québec les membres de la famille restés à l’étranger

A-0520-DF: Demande de sélection permanente – Personne reconnue réfugiée au Canada ou personne à protéger (et les membres de sa famille)

A-0527-FO: Autorisation pour la cueillette et la communication de renseignements personnels

A-0525-CF: Déclaration du candidat à l’'immigration Requérant principal A-0697-F0: Demande de reconnaissance ou de renouvellement de reconnaissance pour agir à titre de consultant en immigration

A-0538-F: Fiche individuelle du garant Personne physique

A-0700-AF: Contrat de travail type d'une aide familiale résidante

A-0361-A: Request for an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec (comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec)

A-1520-AA: Documents Submitted in Support of the Application for Selection Certificate - Skilled workers (Regular program)

A-0700-BF: Contrat de travail type pour les professions peu spécialisées qui relèvent du Volet agricole et du Volet des professions peu spécialisées (Programme des travailleurs étrangers temporaires)

A-0539-A: Declaration Of Sponsor Abroad Family Class

A-0506-BF: Demande de sélection temporaire pour études

D09-A: Declaration of financial support

D08A-A: Declaration of consent Child under age 17 accompanied by only one parent

D08-A: Declaration of Parental Authority (Child under age 17 not accompanied by a parent)

D09A-A: Declaration Of Guardianship For A Minor Child (Under 18 Years Of Age)

A-0520-MA: Change to the Application for a selection certificate

A-0520-AA: Application for Selection Certificate – Skilled Worker - Principal Applicant / Spouse or de facto spouse

A-0521-CA: Declaration by spouse or de facto spouse

A-0520-OF-V1: Permanent selection request Appendix - Entrepreneur Program - Part 1

Additionally, we've added the following Application Process Templates:

  • Quebec - Regular Skilled Worker Program
  • Entrepreneur Program for Business People
  • Self-Employer Worker Program for Business People
  • Investor Program for Business People
  • Bringing Your Spouse or Children to Quebec - Humanitarian Immigration
  • Quebec Government-assisted Refugee
  • Collective Sponsorship - Humanitarian Immigration
  • Sponsor a Close Relative - Family Reunification
  • Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for Studies
  • Permanent Workers - Change to an Application
  • Programme de l’expérience québécoise
  • Temporary Worker - Quebec