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Box Integration.

Box Integration

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional.


If your Firm is using to store case documents, you can now integrate your Firm's account with INSZoom and seamlessly store all case documents uploaded to INSZoom directly within Box.

Alternatively, INSZoom offers a suite of out-of-the-box document management tools and an unlimited hosting option. You may review your hosting options and use INSZoom to manage your data and documents. If you wish to continue with the integration, simply subscribe to "Box Integration" feature found on the Subscriptions page. 

This feature does not currently support integration with


Subscription-based Feature

The integration is a billable subscription-based feature. Please reach out to or log a ticket if you would like begin the process of enabling the Box integration feature for your Firm.

After enabling Box Integration, your Firm administrator needs to connect and authenticate the Firm account with INSZoom. There can only be one integrated Box account per Firm.


One-way sync

Uploaded documents are stored in Box and a link is maintained in INSZoom. We do not recommend users perform any actions directly in the INSZoom folder within Box as these changes will not sync back to INSZoom and will result in broken document links within INSZoom. For example, moving or deleting a file will not sync back to INSZoom and the link in INSZoom will be broken.


Real-time sync

Documents uploaded to INSZoom by Case Managers, Foreign Nationals or Corp Users will be automatically synced with your account instantly.


Which Documents?

Documents uploaded in Documents section at Corporation / Foreign National / Case Profile, Email Links and To-Dos are synced.


Folder Structure in

Integration follows a well-defined folder structure in Box:

  • Main/Root Folder in Box will be named as "INSZoom".
  • Folder for Corporation Profile Documents "INSZoom / <Corporation Name – ID>".
  • For Family/Individual Clients, Corporation folder will be named as “Family/Individual Clients”.
  • Folder for Client/Foreign National Profile Documents "INSZoom / <Corporation Name – ID> / <Client/FN Name – ID>"
  • Folder for Case Profile Documents will be named as "INSZoom / <Corporation Name – ID> / <Client/FN Name – ID> / <Case ID>"


Previewing Documents

Documents uploaded in Box through INSZoom can be previewed directly from INSZoom application.


Deleting Documents

Documents sync to Box through INSZoom must be deleted in the INSZoom application.


You can continue to use following power features of INSZoom, even with the BOX Integration on.

  • Use INSZoom's Docs Check List, Email and To-Do features to collect documents. 
  • Send Documents to Foreign Nationals or Corp Users for review.
  • Prepare filing package.



What happens if I delete the Foreign National or Case Profile?

Profile will be deleted in INSZoom but related folders and documents in Box will remain as-is.


What happens if I recover that Foreign National or Case I deleted?

Profile will be restored in INSZoom along with link to folders and documents in Box.


What do I do if I delete a document in INSZoom by accident?

Documents are not recoverable within INSZoom as a deletion is a permanent action.


What if I have a Foreign National with multiple cases?

When a folder is created in Box it is named after the Foreign National's name and ID. When you click into this folder you will see each case under that Foreign National has a separate folder.


What if I don't use Box but I want to try this?

You will have to set up an account with Box prior to using the integration.


How big of a file can I upload?

You must follow the restrictions for per-file size limit on your INSZoom account.



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